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Candle holders, candlesticks & candelabras

The flickering, warm light of a live candle is the simplest way to add extra cosiness to your home. Here at Nordic Nest you will find stunning candle holders, tea light holders and even oil lamps of both classic and contemporary designs.
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Set the mood with live candles

If you were asked what the one simplest way to set a cosy mood in your home, for most people the answer would likely be live candles. There is nothing that sets a cosy atmosphere like the warm light from a flickering candle. In our assortment of products you will find a wide range of products that will help you achieve that cosy atmosphere. We have everything from candle holders and the candles that are needed for them, to diffusers and even oil lamps!

Candle holders, candlesticks & candelabras for all occasions

All types of candle holders can be found in our extensive assortment. Candlesticks and candelabras of timeless classic designs, or if you want something more modern, opt for a contemporary Scandinavian design. Our assortment of course includes candle holders of many different materials. decorate your home with gold, brass or perhaps silver candle holders, to achieve a luxurious decorative arrangement.

Tea light holders & candle dishes

In our assortment of candle holders you will find a lot of tea light holders and candle dishes of various sizes, colours and materials. The name “tea light” derives from their using in teapot warmers, but they are more commonly used as ordinary candles.


Your beautiful candle holders of course also need elegant candles. Find high-quality candles of lots of different colours in our wide range of candles. We even have a lot of other candle accessories! Such as beautiful candle snuffers that you can use to elegantly extinguish your candles.

Scented candles & diffusers

If you want to achieve that cosy atmosphere on more than just an aesthetic level, scented candles and diffusers might be what you are looking for. Use them to spread your desired scent throughout your home.

Paraffin lamps & oil lamps

Oil lamps and kerosine lamps, also known as paraffin lamps, can set a cosy atmosphere as well as any candle holder full of live candles, if not more efficiently so. The elegant design along with the flickering flame of an oil lamp archives something beyond that of ordinary candles.

Advent wreaths for candles

There is nothing that helps getting in true christmas spirit as an advent wreath full of live candles. Here you will find advent wreath and advent candelabra of both classic and modern designs!

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