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The right set of quality pots and pans make cooking a lot easier and even more enjoyable! In our assortment of high-quality cookware you will find great pots and pans from selected brands and designers.
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Pots & pans for great cooking experiences

If you are interested in food and cooking, investing in a great set of pots and pans is an obvious choice that you will no doubt benefit from. But even if you do not enjoy standing in the kitchen, quality cookware will definitely make your cooking experience easier and way more enjoyable. Here you will find quality pots and pans for the day to day chef, as well as top of the line cookware for all the true gourmets out there!

A wide range of cookware

Our extensive assortment of kitchen products includes a wide range of pots, pans and cookware of other types. Whether you are looking for a new saucepan set, a wok, or a great sauté pan, you have lots of options in our collection of high-quality cookware. Here you will find pots and pans from great brands like Fiskars, Demeyere and WMF.

Pots, saucepans & saucepan sets

Our extensive assortment of cookware articles includes a wide range of pots and saucepans of different sizes and types. Whether you need one or two new pots to add to your arsenal, or looking to outfit your kitchen with a whole new saucepan set that is compatible with induction hobs, you are sure to find what you are looking for here at Nordic Nest.

Frying pans & cast-iron skillets

Add a delicious crispy finish to your food with a quality frying pan. Here you will find high-quality frying pans and skillets of all types. Whether you are looking for a non-stick frying pan, stainless steel skillet, or cast-iron pan you have lots of great designs to choose from!

Casserole dishes & cast-iron pots

If you are looking for casserole dishes or cast-iron pots for making delicious stews and casseroles, you have come to the right place. Find lots of quality options in our impressive collection!


If you love Asian cuisine, a great wok pan is a must have for your kitchen! But woks are not only great for stir frying, there are lots of other ways you can cook with one. Woks are versatile pieces of cookware than can be used for deep frying, braising, steaming and making delicious stews. If you could only have one piece of cookware in your kitchen, a wok would no doubt be a great choice!

Saucier & sauté pans

Looking to expand your cookware collection with saucier and sauté pans.Find lots of high quality sauciers and sauté pans in our great selection of cookware articles. 

Oven dishes

Our assortment of high-quality cookware is of course not limited to just pots and pans. You can also find lots great oven safe dishes made of glass, metal and different kinds of ceramics.

Lids & other accessories for your pots & pans

Sometimes you might need an extra lid for your cookware set. Perhaps a lid is missing, or you need one for your frying pan. In our cookware assortment you will find lots of lids of different types and sizes, and you will also find great accessories like steamer inserts for your pots and Eva Solo’s innovative lids with build in strainers.

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