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Scandi Livings collection offers porcelain, glasses, cutlery and rugs with a typical Scandinavian design.

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What is Scandi Living's vision?

Scandi Living is rooted in the Scandinavian lifestyle, from hygge and fika to carefully decorated homes - Scandi Living celebrates the simple elegance of the Scandinavian lifestyle.

Using simple design language, timeless design is mixed with modern statements in earthy colors. Scandi Living's range consists of products with clean lines and light tones thus creating a feeling of space in the home. The products are made from natural materials and are thoughtfully designed to meet the needs of everyday life. Scandi Living strives to contribute to a timeless and stylish interior with a modern and Scandinavian statement.

Here you will find everything from high-quality plates, cups and glasses, to stylish textiles from Scandi Living's large range.

Scandi Living – Set the table with Scandinavian style

In addition to drinking glasses, wine glasses and champagne glasses, you will also find tableware made of high-quality porcelain in Scandi Living's range. Created to suit both weekdays in the kitchen, as well as dinner parties and other special occasions.

Among the beautiful assortment of plates, bowls, mugs and dishes, you will find porcelain with a minimalistic and timeless design, in earthy tones and a design language that is not dependent on the latest trends. For example, one can set the table with a beautiful tablecloth in a matching color series from Scandi Living's range, creating a uniform and stylish table setting for special dinners to remember, always.

Tableware, such as the popular Dots collection, are also perfect for those everyday moments when you are sitting at the breakfast table with a Scandinavian designed bowl in your hands fueling up with energy for the day.

What materials does Scandi Living use?

Scandi Living uses high-quality natural materials, such as terracotta, linen, cotton and wool, in the manufacture of their furnishings and other products for the home.

Create a cosy home with Scandi Living's stylish carpets and textiles

With the help of Scandinavian designed textiles, it could not be easier to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in your home. Scandi Living's textiles include a collection of durable rugs with a minimalistic, Scandinavian design.

These popular rugs, such as the Flock series, are hand-woven in wonderfully soft wool, and can also be matched with a woolen blanket in the same luxurious quality.

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