New Works

Working in collaboration with internationally renowned designers, New Works creates products that combine traditional Scandinavian craftmanship with modern design. Here at Nordic Nest, you will discover several lighting collections and interior details from the Danish brand New Works.
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New Works – Sculptural forms and honest materials

New Works is known for their innovative and sculptural lamps, mirrors and home accessories. They pay tribute to the strong Scandinavian craft tradition while challenging today’s modern design language. New Works collaborates with a number of internationally renowned designers and artists with a fascination for sculptural forms and well-chosen materials.

About New Works

New Works was founded in 2015 by Nikolaj Meier and Knut Bendik Humlevik. The Danish brand is passionate about creating thoughtful and intentional design as well as a space for creative experimentation and thus also new works.

Innovative lamps by New Works

New Works is especially known for their modern lighting, characterized by their sculptural designs in combination with exciting and thoughtful material choices.

Among the lamps in the New Works range, we find pendants, table lamps, floor lamps and wall lamps, where you are guaranteed to find something that fits into your particular interior design style. Some of their most popular light collections include:

  • Kizu: New Works Kizu lamp is a table lamp in different sizes with an exclusive marble lamp base, that makes each copy completely unique. Thanks to the design, the lampshade seems to balance on the base.
  • Material: New Works Material collection is distinguished by the material itself. The collection includes pendant lamps, table lamps and wall lamps where the lampshade is in focus and where you can choose between several different materials.
  • Lantern: New Works Lantern collection is reminiscent of the traditional Chinese rice paper lantern with its round shape and ribbed surface. The collection includes a range of floor, wall, pendant and table lamps that can be matched to create a uniform feeling in your home.
  • Karl-Johan: New Works Karl-Johan lamps are reminiscent in their design of the soft organic form of the mushroom with the same name.

New Works’ core values

New Works have four values that characterise their work.

  1. Natural: For New Works, it is important to respect and pay homage to the natural properties of the material when creating new designs – everything from the durability of the marble and natural warmth of the oak.
  2. Experimental: Together with the designers, New Works strive to constantly discover new details in shapes, materials and different textures.
  3. Tactility: According to New Works, design is created with the idea that the object should be touched in some way. It can be an interior detail that you hold, the glow from a lamp or a warm embrace when it comes to a piece of furniture.
  4. Craft: The combination of the Scandinavian craft tradition and new experiments in terms of details and different techniques means that New Works pushes the boundaries of what can be achieved with materials and form.

How do New Works approach sustainability and the environment?

For New Works, the environment is very important, and they are constantly working to reduce their environmental impact. New Works has an environmental policy that strives to improve parts of the process that affect the environment.

They follow the laws, regulations and requirements that exist, and all decisions that are made are always made with the environment in mind. New Works is constantly working to improve the use of resources in production.

New Works employees also receive training to increase their environmental awareness and they encourage their suppliers and customers to make environmentally friendly choices.

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