HKLiving produces unique interior design with an eclectic twist. Contemporary, bohemian and industrial- HK living offers it all. Find tableware, household textiles and interior design from HKLiving’s diverse product range, here at Nordic Nest!
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The emeralds sallad bowl Ø18.5 cm - Green - HKliving
The emeralds sallad bowl Ø18.5 cm, Green
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The emeralds plate Ø21 cm - Green - HKliving
The emeralds plate Ø21 cm, Green
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The emeralds dessert bowl Ø12.5 cm - Green - HKliving
The emeralds dessert bowl Ø12.5 cm, Green
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HKliving - Diversity in design

HKliving is a relatively young brand that has quickly made a name for themself in the world of interior design with their truly eclectic style and diverse range of products. In their assortment you will find everything from lighting to textile products, from tableware to household cleaning items.

Which are the most popular products by HKliving?

HKliving’s product range feature several highly popular collections. One such example is the contemporary triangle lamp design. But their most popular product series by far is the bold 70’s collection with ceramic mugs, plates and bowls in beautiful combinations of colours. 

Top 3 collections by HKliving

  1. Bold & Basic
  2. 70’s
  3. Triangle

The unique style of HKliving

What characterises HKlivings style is diversity. HKliving’s broad range of products in various styles is a testament to HKliving’s eclectic design approach. Inspiration for their designs can truly come from any place in the world and any time period. In their assortment you will find interior in a mix of different styles. Contemporary, bohemian, industrial - it can all be found here.

HKliving ceramics & tableware

In their truly broad range of products, HKliving has lots of ceramics. Beautiful vases, tableware and serving dishes in beautiful colour combinations. These products are especially popular, and with their unique glazing style they make products that truly stand out. Create a dynamic table setting with their beautiful plates, bowls and mugs, or add that much needed bit of colour to your living room with one of HKliving’s beautiful vases.

What is HKliving tableware made of?

The eclectic design thinking of HKliving is reflected in the diversity of material choices for their tableware, vases and other ceramic products. Most of the products in their tableware collections are either porcelain or stoneware, but HKliving does not shy away from experimenting with other materials. In their range you will for example find dishes made from mango wood, concrete and marble.

Is HKliving products dishwasher safe?

Yes, most ceramics and tableware from HKliving can be washed in the dishwasher. However, there are a few exceptions, so make sure to pay close attention to the manufacturer's care instructions, as products like their chopping board made of concrete should only be washed by hand.

The history of HKliving

This Dutch brand was founded in 2009 by Emil Hetsen and Sander Klaver, and the initials of their last names together form the brand name HKliving. The brand may be young, but HKliving has already made a name for itself in the interior design scene.

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