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Bergs Potter is known for their beautiful decorative terracotta pots made from a high-quality Italian earthenware, handmade in Tuscany. Here you will find all the elegant flower pots by Bergs Potter.
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Copenhagen flower pot glazed 25 cm - blue - Bergs Potter
Bergs Potter
Copenhagen flower pot glazed 25 cm, blue
On backorder
Copenhagen flower pot 35 cm - grey - Bergs Potter
Bergs Potter
Copenhagen flower pot 35 cm, grey
Stocked according to demand
Copenhagen flower pot glazed 14 cm - blue - Bergs Potter
Bergs Potter
Copenhagen flower pot glazed 14 cm, blue
On backorder
Daisy vase glazed 20 cm - yellow - Bergs Potter
Bergs Potter
Daisy vase glazed 20 cm, yellow
Only a few left
Willow vase glazed 35 cm - Green emerald - Bergs Potter
Bergs Potter
Willow vase glazed 35 cm, Green emerald
Stocked according to demand
Misty vase 23 cm - Green - Bergs Potter
Bergs Potter
Misty vase 23 cm, Green
Only a few left
Willow vase glazed 25 cm - Green emerald - Bergs Potter
Bergs Potter
Willow vase glazed 25 cm, Green emerald
Stocked according to demand
Willow vase glazed 30 cm - Green emerald - Bergs Potter
Bergs Potter
Willow vase glazed 30 cm, Green emerald
Stocked according to demand
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Bergs Potter - A family business

The story of the danish brand Bergs Potter started in 1942. A young, craft and entrepreneurial man named Victor Berg inherited a ceramics shop full of flower pots, located in northern Copenhagen. Victor decided to start selling these pots along with flowers. The combination of pots and flowers became a real hit, and the shop quickly grew. The company is to this day owned by the Bergs Family.

Which are Bergs Potter’s most popular products?

The high quality and genuine craftsmanship of Berg Potters products has made them highly popular. Their wide  assortment of beautiful flower pots and vases includes terracotta pots and glazed pots in different sizes, designs and colours. Here you will find popular pot designs such as Elizabeth, Copenhagen and Daisy.

Top 3 pots by Bergs Potter:

  1. Copenhagen flower pot
  2. Elizabeth flower pot
  3. Helena flower pot

Can pots by Bergs Potter be used outdoors?

All plant pots made by Bergs Potter are safe to use both indoors and outdoors, even in colder climates. The high quality and density of the clay used in the production of Bergs Potter’s pots and saucers, along with the high temperatures they are fired at make them them resistant to frost.

Where are Bergs Potter pots made?

In the search for the best pottery in Europe, Bergs Potter finally stumbled upon a ceramics workshop located in Toscana in Italy. Collaborations with this ceramics workshop was initiated, and pots by Bergs Potter are still handmade by skilled potters in Toscana to this day.

Glazed pots by Bergs Potter

Bergs Potter’s broad assortment of high-quality plant pots includes a wide range of glazed terracotta pots. The glossy finish along with the beautiful colors inspired by Danish fishing villages accentuates the beautiful decorative elements of the flower pots. Each pot is glazed by hand with precision and skill, for a optimal and elegant result.

Bergs Potter’s unglazed pots

Bergs Potters extensive pot assortment includes many pots that have not been glazed. These unglazed pots will with time get a beautiful patina. The raw surface in combination with these natural aesthetic variations gives the material life and character, and makes each handmade pot truly unique.

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