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Whiskey & Cognac glasses

Premium drinks call for premium class glasses. Enhance tastes, aromas and experiences of your spirits and cocktails with the right sets of brandy and whiskey glasses. Here you will find whiskey and brandy glasses from a curated selection of brands and designers.
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Whiskey glasses & brandy glasses

Much as with wines and the various types of wine glasses, choosing the right type of glass for spirits such as whiskey or brandy can bear significant impact on both taste and the overall experience of enjoying these beverages. 

Whiskey glasses and brandy glasses come in various shapes and sizes. But they are all tailored for a specific drinking experience. Whether you are looking for glasses that brings out the aromas of your spirits in the best way possible, or if you simply are looking to make the consumption of these spirits a visual pleasure to add to the taste experience, you can be sure to find what you are searching for in our extensive assortment of glasses and glassware.

Which are the most popular whiskey glasses?

In our extensive assortment of drinking glasses, you will find a wide variety of brandy and whiskey glasses. Whether you are looking for a set of classic crystal tumblers, or something more modern and minimalistic in design, you will have lots of options to choose from. Here you will find popular whiskey glasses and brandy glasses from popular brands and designers, such as Broste Copenhagen, Iittala and Orrefors.

Top 3 most popular whiskey glasses:

  1. Ultima Thule On the rocks 2-pack by Iittala
  2. Relief whisky glass 4-pack by Aida
  3. Street old fashioned glass by Orrefors

Top 3 most popular cognac & brandy glasses:

  1. Cognac glass 25 cl by Normann Copenhagen
  2. Grand Cru cognac glasses 2-pack by Rosendahl
  3. Amber cognac glass by Broste Copenhagen

Tulip shaped whiskey glasses

Tulip shaped whiskey glasses are all around the world for whiskey tasting. The shape of the glass is great for centering the whiskey, accentuating its aromas and flavours.

Spiegelau offers whiskey sniffers, with a tulip shaped design that was created for the sole purpose of testing the aromas of various kinds of whiskey.

Whiskey tumblers

Whiskey tumblers, also called old fashioned glasses, lowball glasses or rocks glasses, are short tumblers designed for the consumption of spirits such as whiskey. The whiskey can be enjoyed neat, but the wide brim makes these glasses perfect for enjoying the beverage with ice. A so-called “whiskey on the rocks”. This classic whiskey glass design is also perfectly suited for a number of classic cocktails, such as vodka cranberry, white russian and Negroni.

In our assortment you will find a wide range of whiskey tumblers from a curated selection of designers and brands, but one great example is the Sofiero whiskey glasses by Orrefors, made in exquisite crystal glass.

Cognac and brandy glasses with a wide bowl

Cognac and brandy glasses that feature a wide bowl that is narrower on the top is sometimes referred to as a balloon glass. The high amount of surface area of the glass helps evaporate the beverage while the narrow brim is perfect for trapping the aromas released during evaporation. This type of glass comes varieties with and without stem.

In Kosta Boda’s and Eva Solo’s assortments you will find great examples of balloon glasses, perfectly designed for enjoying the aromas and flavours of a good brandy or cognac.

Tulip shaped brandy and cognac glasses

Tulip shaped glasses are often used in brandy testing. The purpose of the shape and design of tulip shaped cognac and brandy glasses is the same as with whiskey sniffers. This type of glass is perfect for centering the beverage and allows you to easily feel the aromas of your brandy.

The Grand Cru spirit glasses by Rosendahl are a perfect example of an excellent set of brandy tulip glasses, perfect for enjoying a good brandy or any other spirit.

Whiskey on the rocks

If you like your whiskey cold, a great way to serve it is on the rocks. However, the ice can melt, ruining a perfectly good whiskey by making it watery.

In our assortment of wine & barware, you will find lots of accessories that can make the experience of enjoying a good spirit even better. Here you will find, amongst many other things, whiskey rocks that you can use to cool down your whiskey, without running the risk of ruining your whiskey.

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