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Cocktail shakers

With a good cocktail shaker, anyone can act as a bartender and create fantastic drinks or cocktails. Enjoy a delicious Cosmopolitan or maybe a Ginger Beer cocktail, with or without alcohol. Here you will find a selection of the best cocktail shakers – measure up, shake and serve!
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Alir cocktail shaker - brass - House Doctor
House Doctor
Alir cocktail shaker, brass
In stock
Grand Cru shaker 20 cm - steel - Rosendahl
Grand Cru shaker 20 cm, steel
In stock
Rocks shaker 40 cl - smooth - Zone Denmark
Zone Denmark
Rocks shaker 40 cl, smooth
Only a few left
AJ cylinda-line cocktail shaker 0.75 l - Stainless steel - Stelton
AJ cylinda-line cocktail shaker 0.75 l, Stainless steel
On backorder
Rocks shaker 55 cl - black - Zone Denmark
Zone Denmark
Rocks shaker 55 cl, black
Only a few left
Rocks shaker 55 cl - nude - Zone Denmark
Zone Denmark
Rocks shaker 55 cl, nude
Only a few left
Rocks shaker 55 cl - warm grey - Zone Denmark
Zone Denmark
Rocks shaker 55 cl, warm grey
Only a few left
Design Letters shaker black - 23 cm - Design Letters
Design Letters
Design Letters shaker black, 23 cm
In stock
Ambro shaker 50 cl - Stainless steel - Dorre
Ambro shaker 50 cl, Stainless steel
In stock
Rocks Boston shaker - polished steel - Zone Denmark
Zone Denmark
Rocks Boston shaker, polished steel
Only a few left
Manhattan shaker - stainless steel - Georg Jensen
Georg Jensen
Manhattan shaker, stainless steel
On backorder
Dylan shaker 40 cl - Glass-stainless steel - Dorre
Dylan shaker 40 cl, Glass-stainless steel
In stock
Bora Boston shaker - Stainless steel - Dorre
Bora Boston shaker, Stainless steel
In stock
Lounge Boston shaker set - Stainless steel - blomus
Lounge Boston shaker set, Stainless steel
Only a few left

What is a cocktail shaker?

A cocktail shaker is a device that is shaken up and down to properly mix the flavours of the ingredients into a beverage as well as to dilute it to the right amount. By adding ice cubes into the shaker, it can also be used to cool down your drink.

A designer cocktail shaker for your home bar

No matter the interior design of your home bar, here you can find a large selection of the best cocktail shakers for sale in a range of styles, from stainless steel and gold cocktail shakers to fun and colourful cocktail shakers in plastic and silicone.

Our assortment includes a variety of cocktail shakers in modern designs by the most popular brands such as House Doctor, Georg Jensen and Zone Denmark.

Shaken or stirred – when to use a cocktail shaker

Depending on what cocktail you are preparing, you will need to either shake or stir it.

For drinks which only have spirits, such as vermouth or martini, simply stirring it will be sufficient.

If you are making a cocktail that contains juice and alcohol, or any dairy ingredients, then shaking your drink is the best way to integrate all the ingredients into the cocktail to enhance the flavour, making a cocktail shaker an essential part to the barware in any home bar.

3 types of cocktail shakers

Cocktail shakers come in different shapes and sizes, and you should consider the specific benefits of each design before deciding which is the best bar cocktail shaker for your home. Here you can read about the most popular three designs.

The Cobbler Shaker

The Cobbler Shaker, also known as the three-piece cocktail shaker, is a stylish option that is perfect for the beginner. This type of cocktail shaker has three main elements – the tin, a built-in strainer and the cocktail shaker top or cap. The installed straining holes mean that you do not need to own a separate strainer to make your drink. The cocktail shaker cup has a smaller capacity than the Boston shaker, making it perfect for a single glass.

The Boston Shaker

The Boston Shaker is a two-piece cocktail shaker consisting of a glass cup and the metal tin. It is generally a larger cocktail shaker than the Cobbler Shaker and can contain a greater volume, so it is the ideal option for when you will be making more than one drink.

The French Shaker

The French shaker is a combination of the Cobbler and the Boston shaker. The shape is similar to the cobbler, however, like the Boston Shaker, it does not have a strainer. This type of cocktail shaker has a metal lid that matches perfectly into the lower tin, making it a perfect no-leak cocktail shaker.

How do you use a cocktail shaker?

Using a cocktail shaker is a straight-forward process. First, add your ingredients into the tin container, followed by the ice. For Cobbler shakers, place on the cap to close it. For Boston or French shakers, place the cup on top and smack it firmly to seal it. Then hold on tight and give it a good shake. It is recommended to shake for about 15-20 seconds.

The perfect drink shaker for an alcohol-free drink

Cocktail drink shakers are not only useful for shaking cocktails but can also be used to make a delicious alcohol free mocktail or even a refreshing glass of lemonade. No matter what your preference of beverage, a stylish cocktail shaker will transform any drink into a luxury refreshment.

An appreciated gift to the drink enthusiast

For a thoughtful present to the one who enjoys a drink, why not gift designer cocktail glasses and a shaker set. Here you can buy cocktail shakers online in a range of styles, from contemporary black cocktail shakers in a modern design to elegant metal cocktail shaker in polished silver. If you’d like more tips on highly appreciated presents, see our gift ideas!

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