A stylish trivet is not only a decorative element on the table, but also a practical and important kitchen accessory that will keep your furniture in pristine condition by protecting it from the heat. Here you will find a range of trivets by highly appreciated designers.
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Designer trivets – both practical and stylish

Trivets are practical and important kitchen accessories, protecting the table or kitchen counter from heat. With a stylish design, they are also decorative details that can help you create a beautiful table setting. Here you will find a large selection of hot dish stands from well-known brands.

Which trivets are most popular?

Due to their practical features that make serving much easier, trivets are essential part of the kitchen equipment. They also come in a variety of designs, shapes and materials so it is easy to find something suitable for different table settings and styles.

Here you will find a large selection of hot pot stands from well-known brands such as Skagerak and Warm Nordic.

Top three most popular brands for trivets:

Silicone trivets – an excellent heat-resistant choice

Silicone trivets are a practical option as they can tolerate high heats while still remaining cool to touch. They are also easy to clean with the wipe of a cloth.

For a modern look, Zone Denmark has a range of good quality silicone trivets in a variety of geometric patterns from hexagon trivets to elongated triangle trivets.

Steel or brass trivets – robust and durable

Choose a metal trivet in steel or brass as a stylish detail to your table. Steel and brass are both long lasting and won’t break if they are dropped.

MEN AT WORK have a selection of black trivets in powder coated steel with different city names, so you can choose your favourite city or combine several. They also make a thoughtful gift for anyone who likes to travel.

Cork trivets – a sustainable choice

Cork works well as a material for cooking pot stands as it is both heat resistant and waterproof. It is also a sustainable option as cork comes from the bark of the tree, which means that the tree itself does not have to be cut down. It has a unique aesthetic and will look beautiful on your table or kitchen counter.

Wooden trivets – for a rustic look

Wood is popular choice of material for a trivet stand because of its strong natural properties. If you love a rustic style, then a wood pan rest is the perfect option for you.

Laminated wood trivets for hot pans are also popular as they have the strong properties of wood but can be decorated with a lovely pattern.

Folding trivets for easy storage

Folding trivets are a practical and tidy option. Once you have finished using your trivet, you can simply fold it flat and store it away – perfect for those who are looking to save space!

How many pan trivets do you need?

The amount of trivets you may need will be different for each individual. For practical reasons, it is nice to have more than one trivet, since you often serve food from several pots or frying pans for the same meal.

Be sure to consider the size of your table as well, since this will be a natural limit on how many pots you will be fitting. If you have a very small table, you may prefer to have the pots standing on the kitchen counter and then you can also think about how much space you have here.

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