Enjoy Asian food with authenticity; chopsticks to suit all occassions. Here you will find traditional chopsticks and twists with a Scandinavian design.
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Chopsticks in Fine Design

Chopsticks are the perfect utensil for serving sushi or other Asian dishes. Here you will find chopsticks for beginners and experienced users in various designs and materials from well-known brands.

Which Chopsticks are Best?

Fine chopsticks help you create the perfect atmosphere at the dining table and come in several different designs. Here you will find carefully selected chopsticks from brands like Zwilling, Villeroy & Boch, and Bitz.

Top Three Most Popular Chopsticks

How Do You Hold Sushi Sticks?

Chopsticks are two sticks that function as a pinch to eat food with. For beginners, chopsticks are not always the easiest utensils to use, but with a little practice, it quickly becomes easy and fun to use the sticks. Additionally, you will appear more worldly at the Asian dining table.

The upper stick should be held roughly like a pen, while the lower stick is placed in the thumb crease between the thumb and index finger. The pinching motion is performed by the upper stick, while the lower stick remains still in the thumb crease.

What are Chopsticks Made Of?

Depending on the country you are in, the chopsticks can look different with various designs and lengths. The material can also vary. At Nordic Nest, you will find chopsticks made of materials like bamboo and wood, but we also offer chopsticks in metal, plastic, and porcelain.

Can You Wash Chopsticks?

To ensure your chopsticks last as long as possible, it's important to take good care of them. Therefore, you should read the instructions from the supplier.

Whether your chopsticks are dishwasher safe varies from material to material. Wooden chopsticks are generally recommended to be washed by hand. If you plan to wash your chopsticks in the machine, you should read the instructions from the supplier. This way, you can be sure if your chopsticks are dishwasher safe.

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