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Wall lights are a great, space saving lighting option for smaller spaces and can serve as beautiful decorative detail in your living room. Here at Nordic Nest you will find a wide selection of quality wall limps from many renowned designers and brands.
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Bestlite BL6 wall lamp - chrome - Gubi
Bestlite BL6 wall lamp, chrome
Stocked according to demand
Cato wall lamp - oxide grey - Belid
Cato wall lamp, oxide grey
Stocked according to demand
Regal 1 wall lamp 12.9 cm - Brushed brass - Belid
Regal 1 wall lamp 12.9 cm, Brushed brass
Only a few left
Regal 1 wall lamp 12.9 cm - Matt black - Belid
Regal 1 wall lamp 12.9 cm, Matt black
Only a few left
Regal 3 wall lamp 13.5 cm - Brushed brass - Belid
Regal 3 wall lamp 13.5 cm, Brushed brass
Only a few left
Regal 3 wall lamp 13.5 cm - Chrome - Belid
Regal 3 wall lamp 13.5 cm, Chrome
Only a few left
Puls wall lamp XL - Matt white - By Rydéns
By Rydéns
Puls wall lamp XL, Matt white
Only a few left
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Wall lights - Brighten up your home

Lighting is an integral part of every home. Functional and atmospheric lighting are both important parts of our everyday lights, and wall lights play a big role. In our extensive assortment of lighting and lamps, you will find a wide range of quality wall lights. Light up your bedside, the hallway or why not your bathroom with a lamp from our beautiful selection of wall lights consisting of timeless Swedish designs, contemporary alternatives and of course some true classics as well. 

Which are the most popular wall lights:

Our extensive collection of lighting includes a wide range of popular wall lamps by brands like Northern, Muuto and Globen Lighting.

Top 3 most popular wall lamps:

  1. Flindt wall light by Louis Poulsen
  2. Game wall light by House Doctor
  3. Stone wall light by Tom Dixon 

Where to have wall lights and how to style with them

Wall light can act as great and stylish alternatives to desk and table lamps, which can save precious space on the desk or the bedside table while achieving a sleek look. They are also great for lighting up hallways, bathrooms, staircases, and all other places where space might be limited. Wall lights can also serve as stylish and functional accessory lighting for your living room. Place a By Rydéns Bazar wall lamp next to your favourite chair, and use it as your reading lamp!

How to install a wall light:

  1. If your wall lamp does not use a wall cord for power, make sure to turn off the right fuse in your fuse box in order to disable power.
  2. Make sure that you know where you want your lamp to be placed, and then proceed to attaching the mounting bracket to the wall. 
  3. If your wall lamp does not use a wall cord for power, connect your lamp to the mains. 
  4. Attach the wall lamp to the mounting bracket. Make sure it is securely fastened. 
  5. Insert a compatible light bulb. You can then proceed to switch on the fuse in your fuse box. Turn your light on and see if it comes to life.

Tip: If your lamp does not come with a wall cord, but you would prefer plugging it into the wall rather than connecting it to the mains, there is an easy solution. A separate cord and plug can be attached to the connector block you would typically connect to the mains.

Caution: If you feel uncertain when it comes to connecting your wall light to the mains, we advise that you to take help from a trained professional.

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