Christmas stars

A Swedish classic for the Christmas season is the illuminated Christmas star which creates a warm and cosy feeling in the home. Our assortment includes Christmas stars for the window as well as standing Christmas stars in a range of stylish designs by some of the most popular Scandinavian brands.
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Festive Christmas stars to light up your home

In Scandinavia, Christmas stars are an integral part of the Christmas decorations and can be found in every window. In our assortment, you will be able to find a large variety of stylish Christmas stars in a range of colours, designs and sizes to light up your home this Christmas.

Which brands are most popular for Christmas star lights?

Our selection of Christmas decorations includes light-up Christmas stars by some of the most popular Scandinavian brands.

Top 3 brands for Christmas stars

Hanging Christmas stars

Christmas stars are traditionally placed in the window to be enjoyed both inside the house and by those passing by on the street. They are a beautiful and practical choice as you do not need to clear space on the windowsill for hanging them.

In addition, hanging star Christmas lights can also be used in other parts of the home besides the window. For example, they can be hung over the coffee table or dinner table to create a cosy ambience in the home.

Standing Christmas stars

Christmas stars do not always have to be hanging – a standing Christmas star is a wonderful alternative to lighten up your home. Standing Christmas stars can be placed, for example, on the shelf, side table or windowsill to enhance the Christmas feeling in your home.

Standing Christmas stars also have the advantage that they can be placed almost anywhere where you need an extra light source to create a cosy atmosphere. They are therefore very flexible and versatile.

Christmas star decorations in stylish designs

In our large assortment of Christmas stars, you will be able to choose between different colours, designs and sizes.

Paper Christmas stars are the most popular type of Christmas star. They can come in a variety of colours from natural shades of card to plain white paper with intricately cut patterns that cast beautiful shadows.

Christmas star lights can also be made of other types of materials which have their own visual appeal. A wooden Christmas star is the perfect rustic Christmas decoration, whereas if you have more traditional Christmas decorations a gold or silver Christmas star may appeal to you more.

Where does the tradition of the Christmas star come from?

The tradition of hanging a shining star in the window in connection with Christmas comes from Germany. The star symbolised the Star of Bethlehem.

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