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The cordless table lamp, Carrie from Menu is the perfect accompaniment to an atmospheric picnic on the beach.

Cordless table lamps for all of life’s adventures

We are all looking for flexibility in our lives and cordless table lamps allow you just that, illuminating in the areas you need them the most. No more extension cords or hanging wires, carry these perfect portable accessories wherever your heart desires. Now that’s a bright idea!
Wednesday 6th June 2022
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The cordless table lamp, Como from &Tradition seen here on a wooden table with a glass wine by the sea.

The beautiful thing about cordless table lamps is that you can take them anywhere and add a little luxury to your day by the sea.

What is a cordless table lamp?

Cordless lamps eliminate the need for annoying extension cords and unsightly wires, it does not need to be connected to a power source to work but instead relies on a rechargeable battery. With a charge that can last from 6 to 12 hours, this type of lighting is no longer only associated with camping or emergencies but is now a welcome part of your everyday life. Simply charge your cordless lamp and you are free to go! We have four ideas to inspire you to use your cordless table lamp, the possibilities are endless:

  1. Illuminate your outdoor dining with cordless table lamps
  2. An atmospheric picnic on the beach
  3. Warming lighting for your outside space
  4. Cordless lamps for a cosy living room
Cordless table lamps are perfect for outdoor dining, like this table set for a cray fish party with the Rosendahl soft spot LED lamp.

Enhance your outdoor dining experience with cordless table lamps that not only provide light but also enhance the atmosphere around the table.

1. Illuminate your outdoor dining with cordless table lamps

Cordless table lamps are the perfect way to bring both light and atmosphere to your outside dining experiences this summer. Add a soft gentle glow with the Soft Spot LED lamp from Rosendahl, placing a few down the length of the table creates a warming, flickering glow like that of a candle without the danger. If you are looking to add more height to your table setting the portable Pier LED Lamp from Stelton is ideal. This cordless table lamp is dimmable, and the soft down light ensures that your guests eyes are shielded during dinner.

The Pier LED portable lamp from Stelton is a cordless table lamp that looks perfect on the set table for a dinner outside.
SteltonPier LED-lamp portable 25 cm
A summer table setting in long grass with cordless table lamps lighting up the table.

Use cordless table lamps to light up your summery evening meals in the garden.

The Rosedahl soft spot cordless LED table lamp is the perfect way to add a soft warming light to the table.
RosendahlSoft Spot LED-lamp 11 cm

2. An atmospheric picnic on the beach

There are few summer experiences that are more enjoyable than a relaxing day at the beach. With these smart portable and cordless lamps there is no reason that your day should end once the sun has set. Create a cosy atmosphere on your picnic blanket with the portable Carrie lamp from Menu or the Lucca table lamp SC51 from &Tradition, both of these wireless, rechargeable lamps feature beautiful opal glass for a soft glow over the last moments of your day.

The cordless table lamp Lucca from &Tradition is carried on a beach.
&TraditionLucca table lamp SC51
An atmospheric picnic by the sea with the cordless table lamp, Carrie from Menu.
MENUCarrie lamp Limited Edition
Enjoy a picnic on the beach at sunset with the carrie lamp from Menu
Carrie portable table lamp, black
Como portable table lamp SC53, bronzed brass
Lucca table lamp SC51, maroon (red)
Soft Spot LED-lamp 9 cm, off white
Pier LED-lamp portable 25 cm, Sand

3. Warming lighting for your outside space

Have you been searching for a dreamy table lamp for your balcony so you can enjoy all the summer evenings outside? One of these cordless table lamps might be the perfect solution. There is no need to run an extension cord out to the balcony or patio and you can place it wherever you want to create the best atmosphere.

Would you like some more tips on how to create a cosy balcony for the summer? Read more here.

The cordless table lamp, Manhattan from &Tradition on a wooden table on a balcony.
&TraditionManhattan portable table lamp SC52
The cordless table lamp Kizu from New Works is held in a hand.
New WorksKizu portable table lamp
The cordless table lamp Phare from Menu in a greenhouse resting on a book.
MENUPhare LED lamp
The battery powered cordless table lamp Norrsken from By On in a greenhouse next to the Soft Spot from Rosendahl.
ByonNorrsken table lamp

4. Cordless lamps for a cosy living room

Cordless table lamps are not necessarily only for areas outside of the home, there are often areas inside the home where there are no accessible outlets or where you would rather hide an unsightly hanging cable, in which case a rechargeable, cordless table lamp is perfect Whether you choose the elegant Flowerpot VP9 from &Tradition or the playful PC Portable table lamp from HAY you can carry your lamp from room to room, snuggle down with a good book in a cosy reading corner or place your portable lamp on the bedside table, you can illuminate wherever you choose.

The cordless table lamp PC portable from HAY is carried to a cosy corner.
HAYPC Portable table lamp
The cordless table lamp the Flower pot vp9 from &tradition is perfect on the bedside table of Instragram profile @hemmahosfalk.

The Flowerpot VP9 in the home of Instagram profile @hemmahosfalk

The cordless table lamp Como from &tradition sits on a shelf with books and a picture frame.
&TraditionComo portable table lamp SC53
The cordless table lamp Pao from HAY in the living room.
HAYPao Portable table lamp
Rebecca Sparling

Photography: Angeliqa Daldorph, @hemmahosfalk

Styling: Angeliqa Daldorph, Sarah Moberg, Linnéa Axelson, Arijana Kapic, Louise Candestam, Lucas Kunwaryanto, Rebecca Sparling


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