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9 Contemporary interior design brands you should know

We all know the design classics, but what about the new brands that fill our social media feeds and pique our interests? Here you will find 9 contemporary interior design brands that we think you should get to know, not least because you may stumble upon one or two future design classics
Wednesday, May 12, 2021
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There are many interior design brands out there that continue a legacy of great design while also pushing the boundaries and constantly grabbing our attention. If you ask us, these are the nine contemporary interior design brands you need to keep an eye on right now:

  1. Cooee Design
  2. Scandi Living
  3. New Works
  4. NJRD
  5. Ferm Living
  6. By ON
  7. Louise Roe Copenhagen
  8. Serax
  9. Blomus

Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

Cooee Design is a modern design brand to know whose popular vases Pillar & Ball are favorite vases on Instagram - here at the instagram account sol_hellinga.

First on the list is a contemporary interior design brand you cannot fail to have noticed, Cooee Design and the most popular vases on Instagram! They look very at home here on the Instagram account @sol_hellinga.


You are sure to have seen the round vases with the tactile matte finishes in your Instagram feed.  is a contemporary interior design company from southern Sweden that has taken the design world by storm. The beautiful handmade vases in classic Scandinavian colours are as popular as they are stylish. The rounded Ball vase keeps your unruly bouquet of wildflowers in place while the Pillar vase is made for pampas grass and reeds. These are Instagram's favorite vases.

Scandi Living is a Swedish, modern design brand with stylish design language as here with their rustically elegant porcelain Freckle.

The Swedish design brand Scandi Living is a new favourite on the list – here with the Freckle collection.


Minimalistic Scandi Living is a newcomer on the contemporary design scene. With a serene and neutral palette and simple design language Scandi Living’s products move seamlessly into our homes. In Scandi Living's range, we find stylish and contemporary interior design products that manage to feel as timeless as they do trendy. This is the brand for those of you who love the classic but contemporary Scandinavian interior style with soft, stylish textiles to decorate your home during the cold winter months. 

Scandi LivingSandstone wool throw 130x180 cm

Do you recognise Kizu? The popular lamp is increasingly visible in our media feeds and comes from the Danish brand, New Works.


Has a certain marble table lamp with a crescent-shaped lampshade been appearing more and more in your Instagram feed? The popular Kizu lamp is from the contemporary Danish brand New Works. Founded in 2015, New Works has a small but carefully selected range of products that mainly made of glass, marble, steel and wood. Perfect for those who want to break up a romantic interior by adding contemporary industrial elements, or for those who simply love a modern, minimalist interior style.

NJRDMetric focus No. 1 cotton throw


 is the newest contemporary interior design brand on the list but is already showing signs of becoming a future design classic. The brand was founded in 2020 by designer-duo Bernadotte & Kylberg and has a strong graphic identity that leaves no room for indifference. NJRD chooses to invest in a strong colour palette, drawing on their cultural heritage and brings the collection together with monochrome alternatives. At NJRD, you will find soft rugs and cotton throws that are just waiting for you to wrap around yourself and the porcelain collection Lines whose tactile design make your Scandinavian moments something very special.

NJRD carpet rectangles in pink, white and orange.

NJRD combines graphic lines in bold colours as well as monochrome tones for contemporary interior design pieces that will create a statement in your home.

NJRD plaid in black and white at the Instagram profile @picsbyellen.

NJRD’s luxurious textiles have found a home on the Instagram profile @picsbyellen. Which NJRD product is your favourite?

Ferm Living is a modern Danish design brand with product favorites such as the Ripple glass & Arum table lamp.

Ferm Living is another Instagram favorite thanks to collections like Ripple & Arum table lamp – seen here on the Instagram profile @moeofsweden.


The Danish brand Ferm Living was founded in 2005 and was based on a need for stylish wallpapers. Today, it is everyone's favourite flower box, Plant Box and the beautiful Ripple glasses that are perhaps most associated with the brand. Ferm Living has managed to capture the essence of contemporary Scandinavian interior design with products that feel timeless and yet modern. It's functional and it's stylish!

By On is a Swedish design brand with playful interior details such as the Pom Pom pillow here in white.

Have you already investigated the Swedish brand By ON? You are not alone. Contemporary By ON offers interior design gems every season, such as this Pom Pom cushion & Nature vase.

6. BY ON

Every season,  offers us a whole bag of new design gems for us to indulge in. This playful Swedish brand captivates us time and time again with its ability to offer us stylish and quirky interior details. This is the brand for those who like to keep track of modern and contemporary interior design trends and for those who want to inject a dose of the unexpected among their design classics.

Louise Roe Copenhagen is a Danish brand whose round Balloon vase has become a favorite on social media.

Be sure to add Louise Roe Copenhagen to your list of interior design brands to watch and check out the Balloon vase!


Another modern, Danish favourite that we are seeing increasingly more of is  and the popular vase series Balloon. Louise Roe Copenhagen is a relatively young brand. The contemporary interior design style of the brand feels sophisticated but also somewhat avant-garde. Balloon is the ideal vase for those who want an edgy, statement piece in their home.

The Belgian design brand Serax, with its innovative and minimalistic design language is one to keep your eye on.

The Belgian design brand Serax, with its innovative and minimalistic design language is one to keep your eye on.


Innovative, minimalistic and unexpected - the Belgian design brand is always happy to offer expressive and contemporary interior designs. Maybe you've seen the ever so cute Iki Doll vase in your news feed? Or the Serax cactus vases? Their style is restrained yet playful and fits perfectly into our contemporary Scandinavian interiors, so you would do well to look a little closer at Serax.

Blomus is a German design brand with simple design language as here in their porcelain Arrows in harmonious colors.

German brand Blomus dates back to the 1960’s but their designs are modern, simple and the perfect match for a contemporary Scandinavian interior.


The German design brand  is the oldest of the brands on this list, but their design is anything but dated. Their design asthetic is simple, the colours are subtle and the design is functional. Here you will find the popular porcelain series Pilar and other practical and stylish products for the kitchen!

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Written by: Arijana Kapic


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