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The beautiful porcelain series Lines from the Swedish brand NJRD has a graphic and functional design produced from the highest quality materials. You will find an exclusive collection only at Nordic Nest, with a unique range of products for all meals of the day and all occasions of the year.
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Lines from NJRD – an exclusive series with a distinct design

The porcelain in the exclusive series Lines from the Swedish brand NJRD has a subtle but distinct design and is distinguished by the characteristic submerged lines from which the series gets its name. These tactile lines, which you will find in various quantities on each product, bring the table setting to life. They encourage the holder to play with the product, a feature you will be happy to run your fingers across when holding a cup of coffee in the morning. The Lines series has a beautiful graphic design with a sleek form that fits into your home regardless of your style.

An additional feature of several products in the Lines series is the contrast between shiny and matte. The upper surface is glossy while the rest of the product is matte. The design allows for a wonderful smooth feel when you touch the porcelain but at the same time allows for a better grip when you set the table. Here, functionality and lasting design are in perfect balance - exactly what NJRD strives for.

The tactile feel of the products in combination with the choice of material and stylish contrast between glossy and matte mean that the Lines series will fit effortlessly into your home, creating those wonderful Scandinavian moments.

The Lines Series – For Scandinavian Moments

The Lines series from NJRD is designed to be used for all meals of the day, both every day and for those special occasions. NJRD wants your porcelain to become a natural part of your life and your home. Through this it will become part of the creation of more Scandinavian moments every day, alone or with friends and family. Between meals, this attractive porcelain can be left on display in the kitchen adding another beautiful interior detail to your home.

Calming colours that are beautiful in combination

The products in the Lines series are both calming and attractive. Inspired by the Scandinavian nature and the beautiful light, these lovely colours are designed to be mixed and matched exactly as you wish.

What products are included in the Lines series?

The Lines series from NJRD consists of several different products that you can use separately or combine to create a lovely common theme in your table setting. The Lines series includes the following products:

  • Mugs
  • Side plates
  • Plates
  • Bowls
  • Teapots
  • Milk jugs
  • Sugar bowls

Durable natural material that will last

The Lines products from NJRD are made from durable vitro porcelain that is very hard wearing. On the lids for the teapot, milk jug and sugar bowl, there is also a beautiful small wooden detail that is another nod towards the Scandinavian nature that inspired the series. The durable materials in combination with the carefully thought through design means that you have tableware that will be with you in the creation of more Scandinavian moments for a long time to come, which is exactly what NJRD strives for.

The designers behind Lines from NJRD

The Lines series from NJRD is designed by Carl Philip Bernadotte and Oscar Kylberg, who together form the design duo Bernadotte & Kylberg. In the Lines series, the design duo has worked as much with the functional design as with the form of the product. They have taken inspiration from the Scandinavian nature in the form of the calm colors and the simple wooden details.

How to care for your Lines products

The porcelain products in the Lines series from NJRD can withstand both the microwave and the dishwasher, all except for the lids from the teapot, milk jug and sugar bowl as they have a lovely little wooden detail that cannot be heated and need to be washed by hand. Take good care of your Lines porcelain and it will be with you in the creation of more Scandinavian moments for a long time to come.

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