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Kitchen knives & accessories

A quality knife is a chef’s biggest asset and a well worth investment. Here you will find our wide range of top of the line knives, knife sharpeners and knife blocks, from selected designer and brands.
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Ingenio Ceramic all purpose knife - 13 cm - Tefal
Ingenio Ceramic all purpose knife, 13 cm
Stocked according to demand
Profile knife 34 cm - Black-stainless steel - Brabantia
Profile knife 34 cm, Black-stainless steel
On backorder
Calgary knife set 5 pieces - Stainless steel - Dorre
Calgary knife set 5 pieces, Stainless steel
On backorder
Saceilinge Kids child knife & cut-resistant mitten - 2 pieces - Satake
Saceilinge Kids child knife & cut-resistant mitten, 2 pieces
On backorder
Kai magnetic knife sharpener - 4.8x18 cm - KAI
Kai magnetic knife sharpener, 4.8x18 cm
On backorder
Kai magnetic knife sharpener - 6x24 cm - KAI
Kai magnetic knife sharpener, 6x24 cm
On backorder
Kai Shun Classic White knife - 20 cm - KAI
Kai Shun Classic White knife, 20 cm
On backorder
Kai Shun Classic carving set - Stainless steel - KAI
Kai Shun Classic carving set, Stainless steel
On backorder
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High-quality kitchen knives & accessories

Finding the right knife or knife set might seem tricky, But we have divided our extensive assortment of quality knives into many specific categories in order to make it easy for you to find the knife you need. We have plenty of knives of different models and types to choose from, all from carefully selected designers and brands, to ensure that our assortment keeps a high standard and quality. Find the knife that suits your need here at Nordic Nest!

Chef knives & Santoku knives

With our focus on high quality, having a wide range of chef knives and santoku knives for the true gourmets makes sense. Chef knives and santoku knives are both great all-round knives that can be used for various applications and purposes. A must in every kitchen! 

Knives of many different types

Our wide assortment of knives includes knives of many different types. Here you will find lots of knives made for specific purposes, such as bread knives, peeling knives, vegetable knives and also oyster knives. We even have a miscellaneous category for other types of knives!

Meat knives

We have several different types of knives for dealing with meat in the kitchen. Our assortment includes a wide range of filet knives, fish knives and even meat cleavers. Whatever tools you need to prepare your meat, you can find them here!

Knife Blocks

Along with our extensive assortment of high-quality knives of various types we also have knife accessories like knife blocks, a great way to accessibly store your knives while keeping them protected. Here you will find knife block from popular brands such as Royal Doulton, Fiskars & Eva Solo. In our assortment we also have other types of knife storage and holders for true the knife enthusiasts.

Knives of quality materials

Whether you are looking for high quality stainless steel, titanium blades or even Damascus steel, forged by hand, you will find the best of knives in our extensive assortment of kitchen knives and accessories!

Keep your knives sharp with a knife sharpener

Chopping up vegetables with a truly sharp knife is a satisfying feeling. Dull knives take the joy out of cooking, and it makes it a lot harder as well, so make sure to keep your knives sharp! With a knife sharpener, keeping your knives in good condition becomes a breeze. Make your knives feel brand new with a quality knife sharpener!

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