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Watt & Veke

Watt & Veke is one of Sweden’s leading designers and manufacturers of stylish quality lighting. Here you will find among other things, Christmas stars, lamps and lighting accessories in exclusive Scandinavian designs.
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Beata advent star Ø60 cm - White - Watt & Veke
Watt & Veke
Beata advent star Ø60 cm, White
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Beata advent star Ø44 cm - White - Watt & Veke
Watt & Veke
Beata advent star Ø44 cm, White
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Atmospheric lighting from Watt & Veke

The Swedish lighting company Watt & Veke has been designing and producing popular lighting and lamps since 1998. With several years of experience in lamp manufacturing, they have built up a solid knowledge of the craft. Watt & Veke’s wide range includes ceiling lamps, wall lamps and much more. An atmospheric lamp from Watt & Veke makes your home radiantly beautiful!

Make your everyday life brighter with Watt & Veke lighting

For a home to feel safe, bright and harmonious, lamps are an important component. Regardless of your personal expression in the home, Watt & Veke helps contribute to an everyday life that is bright.

Whether you appreciate more traditional designs or new trends, Watt & Veke has a lamp for you. Here you can browse through their most popular collections including Kelly, Lola and Ellipse.

Watt & Veke’s vision

Watt & Veke work hard to be able to offer lighting that follow current trends and appeal to a wide audience. They believe in combining design and light quality in their lamps to achieve a magical glow to your home.

Watt & Veke’s popular Christmas lighting

When it’s dark and cold outside, warm atmospheric lighting is a must. That’s why Watt & Veke offer a wide range of Christmas lighting that gives you and your home a boost. Decorate with popular Christmas stars for a cosier feeling at home. The range includes stars with both classic and innovative designs.

Watt & Veke’s most popular Christmas stars

  • Snöblomma
  • Oslo
  • Eldig

Handmade Christmas stars

Many of Watt & Veke’s Christmas stars are carefully made by hand, which makes each one completely unique. The glue that holds the Christmas stars together is specifically developed for the Scandinavian climate and means that their stars last for many years.

Did you know?

Many people have too few light sources in the home, which can affect the feeling of space in the room. Rooms that get too dark can easily be perceived as smaller. To avoid this the basic rule says 5-10 light sources per room, depending on the size of the room, light entry and furniture.

Lampshades and accessories from Watt & Veke

If you want to update or replace parts of a lamp, you can easily do so by purchasing a new lampshade, cord or light source. Watt & Veke offer a range of lighting accessories that fit most lamps and Christmas stars.

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