Crafts meets art. Function meets form. Material meets potential. Inspired by these three notions, the Danish brand &Tradition produces modern home design. Find innovative lighting and home decoration by &Tradition here at Nordic Nest.

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&Tradition design

The Scandinavian design brand &Tradition pays homage to the everlasting heritage of Danish design. &Tradition designs their innovative lighting, furniture, home accessories and &Tradition outdoor furniture with a timeless appeal by combining old design traditions with new ideas and concepts. 

&Tradition lighting

&tradition is known primarily for their innovative lighting solutions, with a wide range of elegant lamps in curious forms and shapes. Their assortment of lighting solutions ranges from timeless classics to new contemporary designs that all brighten up the room and set a calm atmosphere when nightfall comes. 

&Tradition’s Flowerpot

One of &Tradition’s most famous lighting collections is the innovative lamp series with a very misleading name; Flowerpot. The series features pendant lights and table lamps in various sizes and colours, opening up for personalisation options when decorating with these iconic designer lamps. 

Which are the most popular &Tradition Products?

In addition to the famous Flowerpot lamp design, &Tradition has a number of famous design collections such as the Setago lamps, reminiscent of the shape of a mushroom, or the Formakami series, a contemporary collection of pendant lights clearly inspired by ancient Asian lanterns.

Top 3 &Tradition collections

  1. Flowerpot
  2. Setago
  3. Formakami

&Tradition home accessories

In addition to their extensive assortment of lighting solutions, &Tradition has a wide range of other home accessories to offer. Their wonderful textile products such as decorative cushions, wool rugs and blankets can be used to create an impression of quality in your living room, or bring your bedroom a more cosy atmosphere. Use them to decorate your living room along with some of their beautiful lamps in order to create a red thread of style and quality.

Which designers has &Tradition worked with?

Given the high number of multifaceted collections in &Traditions assortment, it is hardly surprising that numerous big names have contributed to the success story of &Tradition. Designers like Arne Jacobsen, Verner Panton and Kasper Ronn have worked closely with &Tradition to contribute with ideas and concepts. 

Has worked with many big designers but they regularly opens its doors to new and upcoming designers. They know that the biggest names of today were the ones challenging the norm in their beginning days.

&Tradition’s design philosophy

&Tradition produces innovative, modern home design that is strongly inspired by the Nordic design traditions. Through experimenting with new shapes, techniques and innovative materials, &Tradition transforms and revives classic Nordic design heritage into something new and exciting. They love to challenge the conventional way of manufacturing, but simultaneously appreciate the beauty of traditional craftsmanship. &Tradition quite simply believes in beauty and design that lasts.

The aesthetic of &Tradition

The aesthetic of &Tradition combines playful yet elegant shapes and forms with deep colours, which works well as a way of highlighting the peculiarity of their designs. Using their distinctive design in order to break up a space is a great way of shaping your hallway, living room or whatever room you desire into something more exciting. Pick a colour that contrasts the rest of the room in order to create a unique and lasting impression.

The history of &Tradition

Founded in 2010 with the vision of creating lighting, furniture and home accessories that combine tradition, innovation and functionality, &Tradition has quickly become a staple of Scandinavian design.


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