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Tom Dixon

The internationally acclaimed brand Tom Dixon is known for innovative designs and ideas that are combined with quality materials and craftsmanship, to create their beautiful designs. Here you will find lighting and home accessories by this renowned designer brand.
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Tom Dixon - Innovation & quality

The internationally acclaimed brand Tom Dixon is known for their innovative designs. Every detail of Tom Dixon’s carefully crafted design objects exudes quality and perfection, while Tom Dixon himself sees simplicity and spontaneity as core values that guides him through the design process, values of which the brand was founded upon.

Which are the most popular Tom Dixon products?

Tom Dixon is known for their distinctive design style which can be seen in the designs they create and the products they produce. The have managed to release several collections that have gained great popularity, such as the Beat series, the Stone series and the renowned Melt lighting collection.

Top 3 products by Tom Dixon

  1. Melt pendant light
  2. Cut short pendant light
  3. Etch ceiling lamp

Tom Dixon lighting

Innovative lighting design is what has brought the Tom Dixon brand acclaim. Here you will find their innovative pendant lights, table lamps, wall lights and much more. Their unique designs combine industrial design ideas with a futuristic touch, which has resulted in innovative lighting designs that has taken the design world by storm. 

Home accessories by Tom Dixon

In addition to their lamps and lighting solutions, Tom Dixon has many home accessories and decorations of elegant design in their wonderful assortment of products. Here you will find everything from candle holders and soap dispensers to mortars serving trays.

Who is Tom Dixon?

Tom Dixon is of course the man behind the brand with the same name. At a young age he had an interest in welding, which he used to express his radical design ideas in the shape of furniture. He became internationally an internationally acclaimed designer in 1980’s for his highly popular S Chair design for the Italian brand Cappellini. 

Genuine craftsmanship, innovative design thinking and a strong focus on functionality are all values Tom Dixon has learned and used throughout his years as a designer, and is what he brought with him when he founded the brand Tom Dixon in 2002.

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