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For over 100 years, Orrefors has been a brand synonymous with exquisite crystal, quality and craftsmanship. Here you will find their beautiful crystal glasses, vases and other decorative items, all mouth-blown by true craftsmen in Småland, Sweden.
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Orrefors - Glassware & craftsmanship

For over 100 years, Orrefors has produced utility glass and art glass made of crystal. Orrefors stands for exquisite design, genuine craftsmanship and local production. In the glasswork in the Swedish region of Småland, Orrefors works with some of Sweden’s biggest designers to develop and preserve the Swedish glass-making traditions.

Orrefors glass

Orrefors is known for their glassware products made in clear crystal. Their wide selection of beautiful glass products includes vases, bowls and platters, decorative items and of course lots of beautiful glasses for various drinks and situations. Their products make for great decoration, and their clear, crystal glassware helps achieve a luxurious feel, suited for the finest of dinners. Their wide glassware range includes all types of glasses you could ever need, with everything from red wine glasses and champagne glasses, to beer glasses and whiskey glasses.

Which are the most popular products by Orrefors?

In Orrefors’ assortment you will find everything you need in terms of high quality glassware. Here you will find many popular collections such as More, Bloom and Pulse.

Top 3 Orrefors glass products

  1. Orrefors More wine glasses
  2. Orrefors Bloom vase
  3. Orrefors Metropol coupe

The difference between crystal and glass?

Orrefors is a brand renowned for their exquisite crystal glasses. But how do does crystal differ from normal glass?

The main difference between crystal and glass is that because of the material differences, crystal can be spun much thinner than regular glass, while still maintaining its strength. Crystal also tends to be clearer than regular glass.

The result is an elegant crystal glass that, because of its thinness, yields a smother drinking flow. However, this does make them fragile, and thus all crystal glasses and products should be washed by hand.

The History of Orrefors glass

The glasswork of Orrefors was founded in 1898 and has since then specialised in the production of crystal glass with the aim to enrich people’s lives with fine glass art and crystal. Today the production has been moved to the glasswork in Kosta, which is also situated in Småland, Sweden. A great deal of the production is still done by hand and a simple glass is handled by at least 15 different people throughout production before it leaves the glasswork.

Orrefors’ collaborations with designers

In order to expand and develop their assortment, Orrefors works with some of Sweden’s biggest designers, including Erika Lagerbielke, Ingegerd Råman and Lena Bergström, who have created the collections More, Pulse and Carat respectivly. With a great deal of respect for tradition and the complexity of the craftsmanship involved, the designers add to the legacy that is Orrefors glass design.

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