Louise Roe Copenhagen

Louise Roe Copenhagen stands for pure materials and genuine craftsmanship. The products are characterised by sophisticated simplicity and always have a story to tell. Here you will be able to find a selection of beautiful interior items including candle holders, vases and glasses that will bring joy to your home.
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The eight over eight lamp base - white marble - Louise Roe Copenhagen
Louise Roe Copenhagen
The eight over eight lamp base, white marble
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Louise Roe Copenhagen – sophisticated simplicity

Louise Roe Copenhagen was founded in 2012 and in a short time has become one of Denmark’s most fashionable brands. Their large assortment includes vases, candle holders and other elegant interior details for your home.

Who is Louise Roe?

Louise Roe is a Danish designer with many years of experience in the lifestyle and interior design industry. It is Louise herself who personally sketches each object for the brand’s different series with the intention of being able to create products that have never been seen before.

Authentic items in high-quality material

For Louise Roe, high quality materials are an important component when designing new products. For each product to have a genuine feel, great importance is attached to clean materials and quality craftsmanship. This passion permeates the entire brand and is reflected in every single product.

Which Louise Roe Copenhagen products are the most popular?

In Louise Roe Copenhagen’s assortment, you will be able to find a range of stylish interior details to use throughout the home.

Some of their most popular products include their elegant vases as well as their candle holders, rugs and lamp bases.

Louise Roe Copenhagen also offers beautiful wine glasses and champagne glasses for a stylishly set table.

Elegant vases by Louise Roe Copenhagen

Among the most popular items in the assortment by Louise Roe Copenhagen are a selection of elegant vases. As the vases are made from mouth-blown glass, each one is completely unique.

In the Louise Roe Copenhagen range of vases, you can choose from a variety of sizes and colours from some of their most popular collections such as Balloon and Jewel.

Unique products with a story to tell

In the assortment of designer items by Louise Roe Copenhagen, each individual product has a story to tell and carries itself individually and collectively.

Louise Roe chooses specifically curated tones and organic materials resulting in modern design pieces of exceptional quality.

Modern designs inspired by architecture and organic materials

Urban architecture and organic materials are two of the main sources of inspiration for Louise Roe.

An example of this is the candle holders from the City Light series, which have a classy and striking design inspired by the buildings in New York. You can easily create your own glowing city by combining several tealights in different colours and sizes.

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