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Take the experience of enjoying a drink to the next level by serving it the right way. Find beautiful and functional jugs, carafes, decanters and thermoses from selected designers and brands in our extensive assortment!
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Messy jug round 2.8 l - Red-orange - Byon
Messy jug round 2.8 l, Red-orange
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Stelton thermos spare part packing - packing - Stelton
Stelton thermos spare part packing, packing
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Stelton jug spare glass insert - glass 0.5 l - Stelton
Stelton jug spare glass insert, glass 0.5 l
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Jugs, pitchers, carafes & thermoses

No matter what you like to drink, the right type of pitcher, carafe, decanter or jug can take the experience of your drink to the next level. Keep your coffee hot with a thermos, let your wine breathe by serving it from a decanter or just pour a cold glass of water straight from a beautiful glass carafe. And whatever you are drinking, it is best enjoyed when served beautifully!

Water jugs & carafes

Keep the dinner party elegant by serving water from a beautiful pitcher, jug or carafe. in our extensive assortment you will find a wide range beautiful water jugs and carafes fit for the most festive of occasions as well as for everyday dinners. Here you will find beautiful carafe designs from brands like Ferm Living, Design House Stockholm and Arabia.

Thermoses & vacuum jugs

If you like to drink tea or coffee a quality thermos or vacuum jug can be of good use. Keep your hot drinks hot, and your table setting stylish with a beautiful thermos jug from brands like Khäler, Georg Jensen and Eva Solo. In our assortment you will find true classics, such as the iconic EM77 vacuum jug by Stelton, available in many beautiful colours. 

Coffee presses & makers

Grind your own beans and press a nice cup of coffee in the morning. Whether you are looking for coffee presses, grinders or coffee makers, you will find all the products you need for making the perfect cup of coffee in our extensive assortment.

Water bottles

Whether you are looking to take water on the go or serve drinks from a beautiful glass bottle or flask, in our assortment you can find bottles for any need. Our assortment of water bottles includes not only plastic and glass bottles, but also thermal flasks for when you want to keep your drink either hot or cool.

Milk jugs

Our assortment of pitchers and carafes includes a wide range of beautiful milk jugs, perfect for when you are serving coffee for family and friends. Whether you are looking for a classic porcelain milk jug, or one of a more contemporary design, you will find what you are looking for in your extensive assortment!

Wine carafes & decanters

How you serve your wine can make or break your wine drinking experience. Propper wine carafes and decanters lets your red wine breath, and by exposing the wine to air the flavours of the wine are softened and wonderful aromas are released. After the wine has been allowed to breath for a short amount of time, proceed to pour the wine straight from the decanter into a beautiful wine glass, and you will have a wine experience fit for a sommelier.

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