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Wine glasses

Enhance the tastes and aromas of your wine with the right type of wine glasses. Here you will find beautiful wine glasses, for both red and white wine, that combine aesthetics with throughout design to enrich your wine experience!
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The perfect wine glass

Our assortment of glasses includes a wide range of wine glasses, each designed to enrich the experience and highlighting the aromas and flavours of the corresponding wine type. Find the right wine glasses for you in our extensive assortment of high quality wine glasses from selected brand and designers.

Which are the most popular wine glasses?

Our extensive range includes beautiful wine glasses from renowned brands such as Orrefors, Broste Copenhagen and Eva Solo. Orrefors is a popular brand that has become synonymous with exquisite crystal glass, premium quality and Genuine craftsmanship. Here you will also find popular wine glass collections such as the Smoke series from Broste Copenhagen, and the Eva Solo’s Bordeaux wine glasses.

Top 3 wine glass sets:

  1. Authentis by Spiegelau
  2. Essence by Iittala
  3. Karlevi by Scandi Living

Does wine glass shape matter?

The short answer is yes, if you enjoy a good wine, the type of glass you drink it out of will have an affect on your wine experience. The general rule is that red wine glasses have a wider bowl, while white wine glasses are narrow, and the glasses for sparkling wine and champagne are even narrower. 

These characteristics bring out, and enhance certain properties of each wine, which is why it is important to use the right wine glass type. Keep reading to learn more about the characteristics of different wine glasses, and the effect they have on the wine experience.

What are the different types of wine glasses?

Wine glass types can be divided into the following four main categories:

  • Red wine glasses
  • White wine glasses
  • Wine glasses for sparkling wine
  • Dessert wine glasses

Some of these categories can be further divided into narrower categories, such as glasses for Bordeaux and Chardonnay.

What type of wine glass should you use for red wine?

Wine glasses made for enjoying red wine typically have a large and open bowl, perfect for letting the wine breath. Some are even big enough to let you stick your nose in to examine the wonderful aromas released when the wine is allowed to oxidate. If you enjoy a good red wine, investing in a set of quality wine glasses is the obvious thing to do!

A great example of great red wine glasses are the ones from Holmegaard’s Bouquet collection. The wide bowls makes these glasses perfect for enjoying a glass of great red wine.

What type of wine glass should be used for white wine?

Glasses made for white wine are typically designed with a slimmer bowl than those of red wine glasses. This design helps preserve the aromas of the wine while maintaining its cool temperature. A long stem will make the glass more elegant, easier to hold, and further increase the glasses ability to maintain the wine’s temperature.

The white wine glasses of the Essence series by Iittala, are a perfect example of a glass suitable for white wine. The narrow bowl paired with the elegant, long stem make these glasses perfect for preserving the cool temperature of your white wine. 

What type of wine glass should you use for sparkling wine and Champagne?

Wine glasses made for sparkling wine and Champagne are characterized by their slim bowl. The narrow and upright design of these glasses preserves the carbonation and flavour of your sparkling wine or champagne.

A great example of excellent champagne glasses are the ones from Kosta Boda’s Line collection. The unique cone shape made up of exquisitely thin glass makes them perfect for enjoying a glass of real champagne.

What type of wine glass should be used for rosé?

For enjoying a good rosé, white wine glasses are best suited. The shape of an ordinary wine glass is perfect for bringing out the wonderful fruity aromas of a rosé. This versatility of white wine glasses make them a great investment.

Crystal wine glasses

The thinner the wine glass is, the better for the wine experience. Crystal wine glasses feature and elegant and extremely thin design which yields a smoother drinking flow, but also makes the glass more fragile. This type of luxurious wine glasses are perfect for finest of dinner parties.

Kosta Boda’s Chateau series features glasses for every type of wine and more, handcrafted in exquisite crystal glass.

Let the wine breath

Not only is it crucial to serve your wine in the propper glasses, some wines are also best served in propper wine carafes and decanters that lets the wine oxidate. This helps soften the taste of the wine, and releases all its wonderful aromas.

What is the proper way of holding a wine glass?

The proper way of holding a wine glass is to hold it by the base of the stem. Avoid holding the glass by the bowl, as this can be as much of a social taboo as it is a practical issue. By holding the glass by the bowl, the warmth of your hand may alter the temperature of the wine, which is most likely not what you want. By holding a wine glass in this way you might also leave unsightly fingerprint, so make sure to hold the wineglass by the stem.

Are wine glasses dishwasher safe?

Many wine glasses are safe to wash in the dishwasher. However, we recommend washing them by hand in order to keep your wine glasses looking as beautiful as possible. If you do decide to wash your wine glasses in the dishwasher, make sure to wipe your wine glasses dry with a soft cloth in order to avoid unsightly stains.

How do you properly clean your wine glasses?

Wine glasses are fragile, but when cared for properly, a quality set of wine glasses can last for generations. Follow these instructions when cleaning your wine glasses in order to make sure that they are properly cared for:

  1. Fill your sink with plenty of lukewarm water. Mix in a small amount of mild soap.
  2. Hold the wine glass by the stem and be careful not to drop it. Soak the wine glass in the luke warm water and use a soft sponge or dishcloth to carefully wash the glass. Do not use rough sponges or brushes to clean your glasses.
  3. Rinse the soap off.
  4. Wipe each glass dry with a soft kitchen towel or a microfiber cloth.

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