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Every sip of red wine is a journey through flavors and aromas, and the right glass can make all the difference. Our collection of red wine glasses is carefully designed to enhance every nuance of your favorite wine. Whether you are an experienced sommelier or just starting your wine journey, our red wine glasses will transform your wine experiences into unforgettable moments.
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What type of wine glass should you use for red wine?

Wine glasses made for enjoying red wine typically have a large and open bowl, perfect for letting the wine breath. Some are even big enough to let you stick your nose in to examine the wonderful aromas released when the wine is allowed to oxidate. If you enjoy a good red wine, investing in a set of quality wine glasses is the obvious thing to do!

A great example of great red wine glasses are the ones from Holmegaard’s Bouquet collection. The wide bowls makes these glasses perfect for enjoying a glass of great red wine. Red Wine Glasses with a Wide Bowl - For an Even Richer Wine Experience

If you prefer mature red wines, you should invest in wine glasses with a wider bowl and rounder shape. The larger bowl is intended to promote the oxidation process, which in turn allows the wine's aromas and bouquet to develop even more.

What Does Bouquet Mean?

Bouquet refers to the scents that a wine develops over time. The aroma is the main scent you initially perceive from a wine when you smell it. The bouquet is especially dominant in older wines and comes forward when you have swirled your glass and allowed the wine to aerate. Try smelling the wine undisturbed and then after swirling, and you will experience these two layers of scent.

Two Different Styles of Red Wine Glasses

There are mainly two different styles of red wine glasses, designed to enhance the taste and scent of the wine in the best way.

Burgundy Wine Glasses

Glasses under the Burgundy designation are designed with a wide bowl, which allows the wine to achieve rich oxygen exposure, releasing the wine's aromas and bouquet. The wide red wine glasses are designed with a larger bowl so that you have room to swirl the wine in the glass and smell it, providing an even richer drinking experience. From Orrefors, you will find wine glasses in the More series, characterized by their wide and low bowl. These glasses are perfect for more mature red wines. You will also find Riedel's Burgundy red wine glasses in our selection, which are made of very thin glass and have a wide bowl.

Bordeaux Wine Glasses

Another type of wine glass is the so-called Bordeaux wine glass, designed with a slightly smaller bowl than the Burgundy glasses. These wine glasses often have a more tapered shape to their bowl, directing the wine to the back of the mouth, and bringing out the best in the wine. Bordeaux wine glasses are specially adapted for fuller wines like Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah. In the Authentis series from Spiegelau, you will find beautiful wine glasses in this Bordeaux style that are comfortable to drink from and are designed for wines from the same-named region.

Red Wine Glasses with a Minimalist Design Suitable for Most Red Wines

In the Raami series from Iittala, you will find red wine glasses suitable for all types of red wine and every occasion. The glasses, with their minimalist design and straight lines, create a relaxed atmosphere. The minimalist-designed wine glasses instead leave more room for the drink and the ambiance around the table. In a similar minimalist style, you will find wine glasses in the Ripple series from Ferm Living.

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