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Thermal flasks & travel mugs

Whether you need hot drinks on the go, or just want your coffee to stay warm for longer, you will find a great selection of travel mugs and thermal flasks from a curated selection of designers and brands, here at Nordic Nest.
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Travel mugs & thermal flask for when you are on the go

Travel mugs and thermal flasks are a must for all commuters. Here you have lots of great options for mugs you can take with you when you are on the go. And even if you do not commute, insulated travel mugs can keep your coffee hot, even if you are just sitting by your desk, eliminating the need to go replace that cold coffee all the time. 

Which are the most popular travel mugs & thermal flasks?

In our extensive assortment of cups and mugs, you will find a great selection of travel mugs, thermal flasks and take away mugs for when you are on the go. Our normal to go mugs with lids will keep you from spilling, and our popular insulated travel mugs will keep your drink warm for longer. Here you will find lots of great travel mugs from a curated selection of popular brands, such as Eva Solo, Stelton and Bodum.

Top 3 most popular travel mugs & thermal flasks:

  1. Bring-it Mumin To Go mug by Rig-Tig
  2. Urban To Go thermos cup by Eva Solo 
  3. To Go Click mug by Stelton

Insulated travel mugs

With a practical thermos mug, you can easily take a hot beverage with you anywhere you go. Whether you like your morning coffee on the way to work or a cup of hot chocolate on a trip, these thermal mugs will keep their contents warm for several hours — perfect for when you're on the go! Also great to bring to the office to ensure you don't accidentally spill anything at work.

Take away mugs

Non-insulated travel mugs, or take away mugs as they are often called, are mugs that you can bring on the go but that lack insulating capabilities. Take away mugs will not keep your drinks hot for long periods of time, but they will keep you from spilling your drink and they will do so in style.

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