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A carefully set table is the perfect way to invite your guests for a meal and also helps to make your everyday life a little more beautiful. Here at Nordic Nest, you will find a large assortment of beautiful tableware in a range of stylish designs for both everyday use and special occasions.
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Designer tableware for a beautifully set table

Sitting down at a beautifully set table elevates the mood and anticipation of the meal. Designing a stylish table layout does not have to be hard. With a few tips, tricks and a little creativity, you can create an elegant dining table in the blink of an eye. Here at Nordic Nest, you can choose from a large range of modern tableware and tableware sets for setting a stylish table.

Everything you need for setting a stylish table

Plates, cutlery and glasses are perhaps the most important dining tableware to consider when it comes to laying the table. However, bowls and serving dishes are also often presented on the table when serving food and affect the overall impression of the table setting and therefore should not be forgotten.

With us at Nordic Nest, you will be able to find a large selection of luxury tableware and tableware sets that contribute to a harmonious table decoration.

How to set a formal dinner table

When it comes to creating a beautiful and holistic table setting, you can position your tableware according to these standard table setting etiquettes so your guests know what to expect when they sit down at your stable.

  • First, place your dinner plates at each placement.
  • The napkin is placed either to the left of the plate or on top of the plate.
  • To the left of the plate, you can place the fork. If you have placed the napkin here, you can place the fork on top of the napkin.
  • To the right of the plate, you can place the , with the blades facing the plate. To the right of the knife, place the tablespoon.
  • Place the drinking glass above the knife.
  • If you are serving wine, place the wine glass to the right of the drinking glass.
  • You should also consider how much space each person should have between them. Ideally, the plates should be placed at about 50-60 cm so that your guests have enough space for them to comfortably sit.

Where are the glasses placed on the table?

Glasses should always be placed in the upper right corner of each table placement over the knife. First place the drinking glass and then place the wine glass to the right.

If you want to serve both red and white wine, place the wine glasses in the order in which they will be used. It is recommended not to use more than four glasses for each guest to avoid overcrowding each placement.

How to place the cutlery on your table?

Typically, cutlery should be placed in the order in which it will be used. The knife is placed to the right of the plate and the tablespoon is positioned to the right of the knife. The dessert spoon should then be placed horizontally over the dinner plate and the fork is placed on the left.

Luxury tableware for special occasions

Whether you are setting the table for a large event or an intimate dinner for two, here you will be able to find modern party tableware in stylish designs to help you create a beautiful atmosphere for your special event.

Christmas tableware with seasonal decorations is a popular choice over the festive season, such as Wik & Walsøe collection called Julemorgen, which is the Danish way to say ‘Christmas morning’.

Easter tableware in spring colours such as pinks, blues and greens can contribute to a lovely table setting for an Easter brunch. The Fossil collection by Scandi Living is a popular choice for a rustic Easter table with its speckled surface that contrasts with an unglazed terracotta bottom.

To ensure that your table setting meets your expectations, it is advisable to set the table with plenty of time to spare or even the evening before, so that you can be relaxed on the day of the occasion.

Which brands are the most popular for dining tableware?

Here at Nordic Nest, you can find a large assortment of designer tableware by some of the most popular brands.

Top 4 brands for tableware

  • Villeroy & Boch: High quality porcelain tableware since 1748. They have classic and contemporary designs that will never go out of style.
  • Alessi: The Italian designer brand produces functional design of exceptional quality.
  • Broste Copenhagen: Nordic tableware designs with genuine craftmanship and a minimalist Scandinavian style. Their assortment includes stoneware tableware made by hand for a rustic table setting.
  • Mateus: A fusion between Portuguese craftmanship and Swedish design. Their range includes colourful and lively ceramic tableware that will add joy to your home.

Kid’s tableware in playful designs

For the youngest in the family, children’s tableware with bright colours and fun designs will surely be loved.

For example, Design Letters have a range of children and baby tableware with the letters of the alphabet – a fun way for your kids to start learning their letters.

Outdoor tableware – durable and light

For a dinner or lunch in the open air, our range includes a selection of garden tableware that is perfect for outdoor use.

Bamboo, enamel and melamine tableware are suitable for using outside as they are lightweight and durable.

If you are looking for elegant picnic tableware, we recommend the collection Picnic by Sagaform. The collection includes plastic tableware which has an elegantly faceted pattern that evokes the aesthetic of stylised crystal glass.

Rustic tableware for casual gatherings

For informal and relaxed occasions such as dinner with friends, a set of rustic tableware can help to create a warm and inviting table setting.

We recommend the Rustic collection by House Doctor which consists of items for the table in natural shades of blues and greys that will look beautiful for a relaxed table setting. The assortment is made by hand and therefore each piece is unique, which emphasizes the imperfect and rough style that is typical of a rustic look.

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