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Santa decorations

Bring a feeling of festivity to your home with stylish Santa decorations in Scandinavian designs. Here you will be able to find a wide selection of Santa figurines in both traditional and modern designs to perfectly complement the rest of your Christmas decorations.

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Kay Bojesen Santa Claus - red - Kay Bojesen Denmark
Kay Bojesen Denmark
Kay Bojesen Santa Claus, red
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Kay Bojesen Mrs Claus - 20cmsv - Kay Bojesen Denmark
Kay Bojesen Denmark
Kay Bojesen Mrs Claus, 20cmsv
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Kay Bojesen Christmas Ole - 17.5 cm - Kay Bojesen Denmark
Kay Bojesen Denmark
Kay Bojesen Christmas Ole, 17.5 cm
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Santa Claus wooden figure - Beech-oak-leather - OYOY
Santa Claus wooden figure, Beech-oak-leather
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Frozen Santa Christmas decoration medium - maroon - DBKD
Frozen Santa Christmas decoration medium, maroon
In stock

Festive decorating with Scandinavian Father Christmas decorations

The figure of Santa Claus is a popular symbol for Christmas in many countries around the world. In Scandinavia, it is traditional for people to decorate their homes with little Santa gnomes called ‘Tomte’. Our assortment includes a wide variety of Santa figurines and Scandinavian Christmas gnomes in a range of sizes and designs to perfectly match with the rest of your Christmas decorations.

Which brands are the most popular for Santa decorations?

Here at Nordic Nest, you will be able to find a large selection of Santa decorations and Swedish tomte Christmas gnomes in a range of designs by some of the most popular brands.

Top 3 brands for Santa decorations:

Tomte – traditional Swedish Christmas gnomes

One of the most well-known Christmas symbols in Scandinavia is the Christmas gnome, or ‘Tomte’ in Swedish. According to a legend, little Tomte gnomes live on every farm and in every house in Sweden to make sure that nothing bad happens to the residents – but only if you take good care of them! That is why Swedes like to place a bowl of rice pudding or porridge in front of their doors at Christmas time.

In Scandinavia, the Santa gnomes are made of wood or wool and used to decorate the home over the Christmas period.

Santa room decorations for a festive feeling

Father Christmas decorations are available in a variety of designs and sizes and can be wonderfully combined with different Christmas decorations.

Place your Santa Claus decorations on the coffee table in the living room or on a chest of drawers in the hallway for a festive detail in your home.

For your Christmas dinner, Santa Claus figurines can also be used as a beautiful touch to the table setting.

Create a festive display with Santa decorations

Christmas Santa decorations can also make a beautiful display when lined up along the shelf, mantelpiece or windowsill. Choose several Santa decorations or Swedish gnomes in different sizes to create a festive and stylish display.

Santa decorations in stylish designs

Our assortment includes a variety of Santa decorations from the traditional Father Christmas with a pointed red hat, to more modern and minimal Santa decorations in white or grey. With us you can find the perfect Santa or Swedish tomte to complement the rest of your Christmas decorations such as your Christmas tree ornaments, Christmas stockings or Christmas figures.

The story behind ‘Santa Claus’

The name ‘Santa Claus’ comes from the legendary figure, ‘Saint Nicholas’, who was very much admired for his kindness. Saint Nicholas was famous for his generous gifts and for helping the poor and the sick.

Today, Santa Claus is used as a Christmas symbol all around the world and has become a popular motif in Christmas decorations.

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