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Christmas stockings

A Christmas stocking by the fireplace can help to create a festive atmosphere in your home and can make the perfect gift idea for your loved ones. Here with us, you will find a range of small and large Christmas stockings in a variety of designs and colours by some of the most popular brands.

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Noel Christmas stocking - Brown - House Doctor
House Doctor
Noel Christmas stocking, Brown
In stock
Barr Christmas stocking 40 cm - Black-green-nature - Fine Little Day
Fine Little Day
Barr Christmas stocking 40 cm, Black-green-nature
In stock
Gran Christmas stocking 40 cm - Black-blue-white - Fine Little Day
Fine Little Day
Gran Christmas stocking 40 cm, Black-blue-white
In stock
Tradition stocking - grey - House Doctor
House Doctor
Tradition stocking, grey
In stock
Vela Christmas stocking - Natural - Ferm LIVING
Vela Christmas stocking, Natural
On backorder
Karla stocking - Turkish coffee black - Broste Copenhagen
Broste Copenhagen
Karla stocking, Turkish coffee black
In stock
Karla stocking - Decadent chocolate - Broste Copenhagen
Broste Copenhagen
Karla stocking, Decadent chocolate
In stock
Humdakin Christmas stocking velvet - Maroon - Humdakin
Humdakin Christmas stocking velvet, Maroon
On backorder
Humdakin Christmas stocking velvet - Light stone - Humdakin
Humdakin Christmas stocking velvet, Light stone
In stock
Patchwork stocking - multi - Ferm LIVING
Patchwork stocking, multi
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Christmas stockings for a festive atmosphere

A traditional Christmas stocking is a large, sock-shaped sack that is usually hung by the fireplace during the Christmas season and filled with small gifts and treats. A Christmas stocking in a stylish design can form a part of your Christmas decoration and help to create a festive feeling in your home.

Here at Nordic Nest, you will be able to find luxury Christmas stockings by some of the most popular brands.

Christmas stockings in stylish designs

In our assortment, you will be able to buy Christmas stockings in a range of designs, sizes and styles. An arrangement of red Christmas stocking by the fireplace is not only a wonderful decorative eye-catcher, but also creates a traditional Christmas atmosphere in the room. If you prefer a more minimal style of Christmas decoration, plain Christmas stockings in grey or white might appeal to you.

Kid's Christmas stocking in playful designs

Carefully selected gifts to fill a beautiful Christmas stocking are a great present idea that you can prepare for you children. Children’s Christmas stockings with bold colours or Christmas motifs are particularly popular for the youngest in the family.

What can you put inside a Christmas stocking?

Christmas stockings invite you to be creative and can be perfectly tailored to individual family members. For example, Christmas stockings for kids can be filled with sweets, toys and books, whereas Christmas stocking fillers for teenagers could be their favourite magazines or fashion accessories. Adult Christmas stocking fillers could include small gifts such as candles, scented soaps and creams or small decorative accessories for the home.

In addition to small gifts, you could also fill family Christmas stockings with small pieces of paper with activities that you can do together for Christmas or for the following year.

Where do you hang Christmas stockings?

The traditional place to hang Christmas stockings is from the mantel above the fireplace, but they can also be hung in other areas of your home. For example, they can be hung from a coat rack, hanger or from a shelf in your living room.

Christmas stockings are designed with a small loop, which makes them easy to hang on a peg on Christmas stocking hooks.

The story behind the Christmas stocking

There are several popular legends that explain where the tradition of the Christmas stocking comes from. Most of them are about Saint Nicholas who threw gold through the window of a poor family, which ended up in a sock beside their fireplace. It then became a popular tradition for children to hang socks by the fireplace so that they would also receive gifts.
In the beginning, ordinary socks would be hung by the fireplace, but over time, people began to sew special Christmas stockings themselves which were used specifically for this purpose.

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