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Pendant lamps

Pendant lights are an integral part of interior that will shape the atmosphere of a room in its entirety. Our extensive collection of pendant lamps from selected designers and brands is bound to offer you something that can set your desired mood in every space of your home.
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Pendant lighting - Brighten up your home

In our lighting range you will find everything from floor lamps to table lights, but pendant lights might be the most important part interior furnishing. The pendant lamps you have hanging from your ceiling shape the the atmosphere of the entire space. In our extensive range of hanging lamps you are bound to find pendant lights that are perfect for your desires and needs.  

Which are the most popular pendant lamps?

Our assortment of pendant lights here at Nordic Nest consists of a wide range of high quality lamps form selected brands and designers. Hanging lamps of contemporary Scandinavian design, classic style or of more bohemian elegance can all be found in our extensive collection. Here you will find pendant lamps from renowned brands like the Swedish brand Globen Lighting, Secto Design and the highly acclaimed Louis Poulsen, with their famous PH 5 collection amongst many others.

Top 3 pendant light collections:

  1. Melt by Tom Dixon
  2. Luna by Design House Stockholm
  3. Formakami by &Tradition

A pendant light marks the centre of the room

Pendant lamps might be the most essential part of lighting in your home. It might even be the most important piece of interior furnishing. They are often hung in the figurative centres of the rooms in our house, above the kitchen table, over the coffee table, and above the bed of the master bedroom. 

Getting a quality pendant light is a sound investment to make and is one of the first things you should do when furnishing a room. Especially since the rest of the furniture and lighting in the room revolve around these centres that pendant lights create.

What to consider when getting a pendant light:

When getting a new pendant light for any room in your house there are several important factors to take into consideration. Here are the most important things to consider when getting a new pendant light:

The size of your pendant lamp

When you are getting a new pendant light to hang in the ceiling of any room in your house, the size of the pendant itself will be a crucial factor to consider. Some big pendant lamps look great in open spaces, but if you want to hang a pendant light in a smaller space it might be wise to opt for a smaller alternative. Factor in ceiling height and how long you would want the pendant lamp to hang in order to make sure that you make the right decision. 

Light distribution

Some pendant ceiling lights can be quite directional, but most pendant lamps shed a more ambient light. When choosing a pendant light, this might be the most important aspect to consider, as this will greatly impact the type of mood and atmosphere your lamp sets. Pay attention to the pendant lamps shade, as the shape and material it is made of will often say a lot about how the lamp distributes light. 

A pendant light like the Dokka pendant by Northern will direct its light downward because of cone-like shape of its shade, while a spherical all glass pendant light like the Luna lamp by Design House Stockholm will of course spread its light more evenly across the entire room.

The colour of light the pendant lamp casts

When putting up lighting it is important to consider the warmth of the light the lamp will provide. Cooler light can create a cleaner, more modern look, while warm light is better for setting a cosier atmosphere.

The warmth of the light is in most cases determined by the light bulb or light source. However, some pendant light and lamp shades can affect the colour of the light that the pendant light itself cast. For example, a pendant lamp like the copper variant of Tom Dixon’s Melt will cast a warm light because of how it is designed. If cooler light is desired, it is better to then opt for the chrome variant of the pendant lamp model.

How high or low should a pendant light hang?

By hanging your pendant light low from the ceiling, you give it a lot of space to breath. This can create a truly elegant visual expression that can have a tremendous impact on the atmosphere of the room. But when hung too low it can become an interfering factor that blocks sight lines and that you could also potentially hit your head on. Finding the right balance by measuring can be tricky. Instead you should have somehome hold the lamp up so that you can easily see how the new element impacts the room.

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