Lighting is a key component of every home. Here you will find a curated range of beautiful designer lamps for all spaces and purposes, seasonal lighting as well as all the lighting accessories you need.
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Lighting for all rooms of the house

Putting some extra though into your choice of lighting can greatly impact the mood and expression the lighting sets in the given room. In addition to the practical uses and benefits of good lighting, it can also be an important component of a room that can really enhance your interior and help you achieve the look you are going for.

Whether you are looking for a pendant light for the kitchen table, or a desk lamp for the office, you will find what you need in terms of both decorative and functional lighting in our extensive lighting assortment. 

The different types of lighting

There are three different types that lighting can be divided into, and these are important to consider then lighting and furnishing your home:

  • Indirect lighting - provides general lighting of the room
  • Direct lighting - lighting directed in a specific spot
  • Decorative lighting - creates atmosphere in the room

All rooms in your house need a mix of all three types of lighting in order to achieve both functionality and a cosy atmosphere.

Indirect lighting

Good general lighting fills up the entire space of a room. Brighter general lighting is great for doing work and chores where lots of light is beneficial, like when you are clean. Dim general lighting, is a lot better for setting a desirable mood and a cosy atmosphere. Dimmable lighting is great for being able to switch between bright and dim light, depending on what is desired in the given situation.

Direct lighting

Direct lighting is great for lighting up a specific spot of a room or perhaps a beautiful photo on the wall. Direct lighting is also essential when reading, and especially when doing desk work since insufficient lighting causes strain on the eyes.

Decorative lighting

Decorative lighting includes everything from fairy lights and table lamps to advent lights and christmas lights. This type of lighting does not fill functions like the other two categories, but is instead great for increasing the comfort factor of your home by making it more atmospheric.

How many light sources are needed in a room?

A good guideline is to have between 6 and 8 light sources in each room of the house in order to achieve the optimal lighting conditions. Smaller rooms might require fewer lamps, but large ones may need quite a lot of lamps in order to achieve the right lighting levels. Place light sources in various heights in order to spread light more evenly across the room, This can be done by furnishing with a mix of ceiling lamps, floor lamps, window lights and perhaps some wall lamps as well.

Lighting accessories

along with our wonderful selection of lamps you will find light bulbs, spare parts and other lighting accessories in our lighting accessories category. This is great for when you need to replace a light source or perhaps a lamps shade.

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