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Modern and minimalist Christmas décor in a Scandinavian living room

5 tips for creating modern and minimalist Christmas décor

Are you looking for minimalist Scandinavian Christmas decorations? We show you how to decorate your home this year without compromising on style. With everything from pillows and textiles to atmospheric seasonal decorations, we have everything you need for an elegant and minimalist Christmas.
Thursday 29th September 2021
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Minimalist Christmas decor with paper Christmas stars hanging from the ceiling of a home.


Here in Sweden hanging Christmas stars are an absolute must have when it comes to Christmas decor. Both classic and modern interpretations of this minimalist Scandinavian Christmas decoration have found a home in our hearts and this year we are taking our love for them to new levels by creating our very own star cluster in our home. The trick is to combine small and large versions of your favourite stars and hang them up with the help of sewing thread for a beautiful Christmas installation. If you would like some tips on which of our beautiful Scandinavian Christmas stars will work in your home, you can read more in the article 5 Enchanting Christmas stars 2021.


If you want to create a cosy Christmas feeling in your home with textiles but want move away from the traditional Christmas red, you can invest in other colours such as green and white for a more pared back but equally Christmassy feeling. Bring in plenty of , sheepskins and knitted throws to create a minimalist and so very Scandinavian Christmas decor that feels wintery and cosy. As an added bonus these items can also remain in your home even after Christmas for you to enjoy all winter long.

A white pillow with tassels and a green throw on the sofa for a modern and minimalist Christmas decor this year.
Modern and minimalist Christmas decor with a green pillowcase in velvet from Chhatwal & Jonsson.
Chhatwal & JonssonDeva cushion cover 40x60 cm
Modern and minimalist Christmas decor with Nobili spruces in olive green from Kähler on the windowsill.


Cute can still be part of your minimalist Christmas décor. We love to work with Father Christmas and Christmas trees so that you get the Christmas feeling just right, but for something modern and minimalist this Christmas, you should think classics with a modern twist. DBKD offers us trendy Christmas decorations in wintery white like the Frozen Santa, while Kähler launched the Nobili candle holders in a beautiful olive-green shade just in time for Christmas. Here, the key words are pared back, natural, and stylish.

For a modern and minimalist Christmas decor we recommend that white, stylish Christmas elves in ceramic from DBKD and a simple white candlestick.
Decorative Santas in white wool for a nostalgic element to this year's minimalist Christmas decor.

Modern and minimalist Christmas decor with the Trapp candlestick in brown stain and ceramic Christmas elves.


There are few things create as much Christmas atmosphere in the home than lit candles. Here in Scandinavia it is common to light an Advent candle each week leading up to Christmas. This year we are investing in Advent lights and candle holders in trendy wood, in combination with elegant brass. Together, this elegant and minimalist design creates a warm feeling in your home and works perfectly with the season's most beautiful Christmas decor.

The Snöblomma Christmas star from Watt & Veke is an elegant and minimalist addition to this year's Christmas decor.
An Advent candlestick with candles in wood and black from Applicata, the perfect modern and minimalist Christmas touch.

Low side table with wooden bowl and mulled wine mugs from DBKD fits perfectly into a more minimalist Christmas decor.


Many of this year's design trends have revolved around natural materials and feeling close to nature, wood is an obvious focal point. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that Christmas this year is all about nature and we can see plenty of details in wood in this season's Christmas decor. Bring this warm and tactile material into your decor with everything from Advent candlesticks to the tree stand.

Christmas tree base in oak and brass from Skagerak fits perfectly into minimalist Christmas decor.
A living room decorated in white and green shows how Christmas decor can be stylish and minimalist.

Would you like want more Christmas inspiration? We have a compiled a list of this year's most beautiful Christmas decorations for 2021 or take a look in our Christmas shop for everything you need to celebrate the holiday.

Text: Arijana Kapic

Styling: Arijana Kapic, Anna Magnusson

Foto: Angeliqa Daldorph

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