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The Oslo paper Christmas star - A clear favourite among the Christmas stars 2021

5 Enchanting Christmas stars 2021

Decorate your home for a truly enchanting Christmas with these atmospheric and elegant hanging Christmas stars. These delightful hanging stars adorn the homes of our Scandinavian friends every Christmas. With that in mind we have complied a list of five new Christmas stars for 2021 that are sure to spread some Christmas joy. We have also included the stars that made the list last season here in Scandinavia, because of course, we love them just as much this year and we think you will too!
Monday 29th September 2021
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The Lotus Christmas star in white paper from Watt & Veke is a favourite on our list of Enchanting Christmas stars 2021.

This seasons new arrival from Watt & Veke is the beautiful Lotus.

The Lovisa Christmas star from Watt & Veke hangs on the wall above a rustic shelf.


1. Lotus Christmas star - this year's new arrival from Watt & Veke

Every year in Scandinavia we wait patiently for Watt & Veke's Christmas arrivals and this year's Christmas stars were certainly worth the wait. First on the list is the beautiful Lotus Christmas star. This enchanting paper star hints at this year's great interior design style Japandi and has a slightly rounder and softer shape than its predecessors Oslo and Snöblomman. We simply adore it, so it was an obvious choice to top the list for this year's Christmas stars 2021.

2. Lovisa Christmas Star

Another beautiful novelty from Watt & Veke is the Lovisa Christmas star which ties in perfectly with this autumn's interior design trends with its soft neutral colours and delicate, playful design. Lovisa is perfect for those who like a paired back interior inspired by nature, and those who want a star that will stand out all winter.

3. Lucia Christmas star from Scandi Living

This year, the Swedish brand Scandi Living comes with a long-awaited Christmas assortment. The Lucia Christmas star sets the tone for an elegant Christmas. This charming star has a more rounded shape that resembles a flower and fits perfectly with many different interior styles!

4. Eve Christmas Star

Another beautiful offering from Scandi Living is the Eve Christmas star. This star is elegant in its simplicity and spreads a gorgeous warm glow around your home. Eve is perfect for those who want a simple star to create a cosy Christmas atmosphere at home.

The Eve Christmas Star from Scandi Living is one of our top picks on our list of enchanting Christmas stars 2021.
Black and white paper star from Watt & Veke with jagged edges - a clear favourite among this year's Christmas stars.

5. Leah Christmas star from Watt & Veke

Another black and white favourite among this year's new arrivals is the Christmas star Leah from Watt & Veke! Leah is perfect for those who enjoy a little more contrast in their Christmas decor.

Christmas stars from Watt & Veke in white and brown.

Christmas stars are beloved additions to Scandinavian homes at Christmas - which one will you choose?

The Snöblomma Christmas star 45cm in paper on the Instagram account linnfrederika.

The Christmas star Snöblomma from Watt & Veke is as enchanting as it is popular - here at home on the Instagram account @linnfredrika.

The hand folded Christmas star Oslo continues to be a popular addition for Christmas in 2021.

The Oslo paper star is folded by hand and a truly enchanting star for Christmas.


  • Snöblomma Christmas star - Watt & Veke's most popular Christmas star in the shape of a flower, Snöblomma means snow flower in Swedish. This Christmas star looks like it has been taken directly from a winter fairy tale and we are sure it will continue to be a big favourite among our Christmas stars in 2021.
  • Maja Christmas Star - Maja is a playful and romantic Christmas star that is a fusion of Snöblomman and the enchanting and fiery star, Eldig. Maja is certainly a modern classic that will continue to charm us in 2021.
Snöblomma Christmas star from Watt & Veke in a window with a child holding a star made from of sticks.
The Snöblomma from Watt & Veke is a modern classic that is available in three different sizes this year!
Watt & Veke
Snöblomma advent star, 44 cm
Watt & Veke
Snöblomma advent star, 68 cm
Watt & Veke
Snöblomma advent star, 100 cm
Small white Snöblomma Christmas star from Watt & Veke.

The snöblomma both big and small, continues to be a favourite among this year's Christmas stars 2021.

  • Oslo Christmas Star - Oslo is still one of the most popular Christmas stars in 2021. This decadent hanging paper star in the definition of enchanting: Oslo brings home the Christmas feeling this year. It is hand folded and designed to be reminiscent of frozen fjords and snow-covered spruces and looks stunning hung in the window or perched on a sideboard.<br><br>
  • Boris Christmas Star - For those of you who are looking for a stylish and very simple Christmas star, we recommend another new arrival from Watt & Veke - the Christmas star Boris. A star that once again fits beautifully into the minimalist home is a clear favourite among the fabulous Christmas stars for 2021. <br>
  • Anna star in rattan - This beautiful rattan braided star from PR Home is a departure from the traditional paper Christmas stars seen here in Scandinavia. It works perfectly with this year's Nurture trend where we take inspiration from and decorate with natural materials.
  • Venok star - This year’s Christmas theme is all about natural colours with minimalist styling. Which is why we love the Christmas star Venok from Broste Copenhagen this season. Venok, is made of wood, is perfect for those who want a discreet and stylish Christmas star this year.


  • Sensy Christmas star - this adorable Christmas star and stand from Star Trading is sure to be a beautiful addition to any Christmas décor this Christmas.
  • Vintergatan Christmas star – another natural-coloured favourite from Watt & Veke with a cut-out star pattern for a wonderful play of light in your home.
  • Classic Christmas star - this classic Christmas star from Star Trading is made from sheet metal and looks eye catching when hung in a cluster with other stars.
  • Molly Christmas star – another layered favourite of ours from Watt & Veke.
  • Dot Christmas star – This hanging paper star from Star Trading has a beautiful, punched hole pattern diffuses the light and spread a warm Christmas glow throughout your home.
Collage with popular Advent stars 2021 in both paper and rattan.

There are so many enchanting and popular Christmas stars in our assortment for 2021, both old and new! Which ones will you choose this year?

Enchanting Christmas stars 2020 from Watt & Veke and Broste Copenhagen.

Tip: combine several different Advent stars and create a dreamy star cluster in your home.

Venok Christmas star from Broste Copenhagen hangs in a star cluster in the living room.

Venok is made of wood for a natural a minimalist feeling in your home this Christmas.

Text: Arijana Kapic

Photography: Angeliqa Daldorph


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