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How to make an Easter tree - here you see the DBKD paper egg decorations hanging in the branches of a home made Easter tree.

How to make an Easter tree - 3 tips

If you think decorated trees are just for Christmas think again! Easter trees are common in parts of northern Europe and Scandinavia is no exception. Here in Sweden the Easter tree is known as the Påskris. Decorated with colourful feathers and decorative eggs the Easter tree makes the perfect centrepiece for your Easter table. We have 3 tips to help you create your own.
Updated Tuesday 7th March 2023
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How to make an Easter tree - here you see the Hein Studio vase with a collection of DBKD rabbits in chocolate brown with the paper eggs also from DBKD.

Create an original centrepiece for your Easter table setting with a traditional Easter tree.

What do you need to make your own Easter tree?

Unlike Christmas trees, Easter trees tend to be small enough to stand on the Easter table or a sideboard, spreading some much appreciated Easter joy. It is simple to make your own Easter tree at home, we will show you how. All you need is:

  1. A Base
  2. Branches
  3. Decorations

The Base

First you must decide on a base for your traditional Easter tree. Consider what type of feeling you want to achieve with your Easter tree, do you want to add a splash of colour with your Easter arrangement, or do you want to keep it pared back and simple? In Scandinavia it is most common to use living branches in a vase filled with water. The shape of the vase will also affect the arrangement. A rounder vase with a wide base will cause the branches to splay out creating a wide display whereas a taller, narrower vase will keep the branches more compact.

Here you see the Cooee Gry vase in glass with the DBKD Easter rabbit.
Cooee DesignGry vase 30 cm
Create an Easter tree with the Mist plant pot from DBKD seen here in the home of @interiorbyklingh

For larger Easter trees a plant pot such a the Mist plant pot from DBKD works just as well as a vase @interiorbyklingh shows us how!

Create a more minimalist Easter tree with the Rope vase from DBKD.

For something smaller and more pared back make an Easter tree in the Rope vase from DBKD.

The Branches

Almost anything can make up the branches of your Easter tree. For a touch of colour and a real spring feeling, branches that are in bloom such as forsythia, cherry blossom, dogwood or pussy willow work perfectly. You can even mix the branches in with some spring flowers for some extra colour or why not create a cute birds nest and fill it with easter decorations or even a chocolate surprise for the little ones?

Create a stylish Easter tree with some elegant pussy willow branches.

Elegant branches of pussy willow are a popular choice for the Easter tree in Scandinavia, the cute fury buds are perfect to stop the decorations sliding down the branch.

Create an Easter tree with a miniature birds nest in the branches.

For added adorable factor weave together some smaller branches into a birds nest and balance it in your Easter tree.

The Decorations

The most traditional way to decorate your Easter tree is with hanging eggs and colourful feathers. Delicate glass eggs like these fromferm LIVING add a hint of colour and reflect the light beautifully, break from tradition with some easter figurines or why not have some fun and get the kids involved to make some decorations of your own?

Here you see someone hanging the paper eggs from DBKD in their home made Easter Tree.
DBKDOvoid Easter decoration paper 7 cm
Create an Easter tree with paper decorations from DBKD and glass eggs from Iittala.
DBKDPaper egg easter decoration
Break from tradition and decorate your Easter tree with egg decorations from Lene Bjerre.
Lene BjerreEssilia Easter decoration
Here you see the base of an Easter tree decorated with the DBKD eating rabbit bowl.

The decorations don't always need to be hanging in the Easter tree, why not also decorate around the base with adorable bunny figurines and bowls like these from DBKD

Photography: Angeliqa Daldorph, Elof Martinsson @interiorbyklingh, Lene Bjerre

Rebecca Sparling


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