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Here you see an Easter table setting idea with lots of yellow tones including the yellow Le Creuset casserole dish.

5 Easter table setting ideas for a bright and playful Easter table

The most colourful and playful of all the festive seasons – Easter is the time to bring out all your quirky accessories and let out your inner child. As with any festive celebration food is front and centre so take advantage of our 5 top tips for decorating the Easter table, ready for a bright and colourful meal with your nearest and dearest.
Tuesday, March 14, 2023
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What exactly do you need for a quirky Easter table setting? We have 5 tips for you to help you really bring out the fun.

  1. Playful pops of colour
  2. Delightful Easter details
  3. An Easter Centrepiece
  4. Whimsical napkin folds
  5. Easter dessert
Here you see a stack of white freckle plates with a yellow egg for a simple and elegant Easter table setting idea.
Scandi LivingFreckle side plate Ø20 cm


Coinciding with the start of spring, Easter is always a playful and colourful season. Whether you opt for playful pastels or a punchy pop of yellow on your Easter table setting a good dose of colour will never fail to delight. If you are not ready to invest in a completely new set of porcelain you can always bring in colour with smaller details such as candles, napkins or these delicately coloured glasses from Holmegaard.

Here you see a green Easter table setting idea from Mateus with green plates and pink linen napkins.
MateusOyster plate 20 cm
Here you see a pastel easter table setting idea from Holmgaard with the new Lily glasses in multi colours.
HolmegaardLily drinking glass 32 cl 2-pack
Here you see a yellow Easter table setting idea with the speckled collection from ferm LIVING.
Ferm LIVINGFlow plate 27 cm


Easter is all about fun so if you can’t bring out your bowl with the bunny ears, filled with candy during Easter when can you really? Add some adorable Easter details to your Easter table setting to up the fun factor and really get your guests talking. DBKD has a wonderful range of bowls and decorative details all with a lovely bunny ears motif that are sure to bring joy to one and all.

Here you see the Eating rabbit bowl collection from DBKD, great ideas for your Easter table setting.
DBKDDBKD Eating rabbit bowl large
Here you see the Kay Bojesen Easter rabbits in wood. A lovely idea for your Easter table setting.
Kay Bojesen DenmarkKay Bojesen rabbit
Here you see a cute idea for your Easter table setting with the triplets from DBKD.
DBKDTriplets easter rabbit 3-pack


The centrepiece is a must on any table setting and naturally Easter is no different. A simple Vases with a brightly coloured bouquet may suffice but if you want to create something a bit more special for this occasion you might think about building your own traditional Easter tree.

You can learn how to create your own Easter tree here.

Here you see an Easter table setting idea from Swedish influence @colorelles with tones of pastel pink and an Easter tree.

Take a leaf out of influencer @colorelles book and set your Easter table with pretty pastel tones and an Easter tree.

Easter table setting ideas - here you see the vase from Swedese with the Lene Bjerre rabbit as a table centrepiece.
SwedeseAnna vase small 27 cm


There are so many ways to bring in moments of joy to your Easter table setting and a napkin fold is no different. You can use them to bring in additional pops of colour and even fold your napkins into cute little bunny ears for an extra Easter detail for the table.

To create your bunny ears:

  • Fold your napkin into triangle and then roll it into a tube-like shape.
  • Wrap your napkin around an egg and secure the napkin at the top of egg so it resembles bunny ears.
Your Easter table setting ideas should always include a napkin fold like the one you see here in tones of yellow.

Concertina your napkin into a fan shape and add a flower as an additional detail.

Great Easter table setting ideas always include a lovely napkin fold like you see here with a simple scrunch and flower wrapped around a Scandi Living linen napkin in pink.
Scandi LivingClean serviettes 45 x 45 cm 4-pack
Fold your napkin into bunny ears for a lovely Easter table setting idea for your Easter table.
ERNSTErnst napkin 2 pack checked 40x40 cm


More than any other time of the year Easter is all about the dessert and if you are anything like us you will be more than eager to try out a new Easter recipe to impress your friends and family. Why not set up a dessert table as part of your Easter table setting so that you can allow your guests to help themselves to all of the lovely treats you have prepared.

If you would like the recipe for this delightfully playful pastel cake you can find it here.

An Easter dessert table is a great idea for a colourful and fun Easter table setting. Here you see a young boy enjoying a piece of cake.

A delicious and eye catching Easter dessert is just perfect for a bright and playful Easter table setting.

Easter table setting ideas - here you see a chocolate cake on a white cake stand from Swedish Grace.
RörstrandSwedish Grace cake plate 31 cm

Photography: Angelica Daldoprh, @hemlikheter, @colorelles, Holmgaard, Mateus

Rebecca Sparling


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