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Inspiration & Tips/Tips/3 DIY Christmas crafts - Christmas moments with Swedish Instagram profile @snickargladjen
Johanna Berglund @snickargladjen advises on DIY Christmas crafts - a Christmas wreath from a trivet, decorating a display box & LED candles in Ripple glass.

3 DIY Christmas crafts - Christmas moments with Swedish Instagram profile @snickargladjen

A Christmas wreath from a trivet, LED lights in a champagne glass and a versatile display box. Be inspired by these DIY Christmas crafts from the multitalented Swedish influencer @snickargladjens. Increase the atmosphere and your own excitement during the lead up to Christmas and try your hand at these simple homemade decorations for Christmas!
Friday 25th November 2022
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Christmas is a magical time and homemade crafts are a joy filled activities to get us into the cosy Christmas mood. The influencer Johanna Berglund also known as @snickargladjen has shared with us three DIY Christmas crafts for the whole family to enjoy.

My path towards Christmas contains a lot of decoration and crafts with natural materials and of course the wrapping of special gifts for my loved ones to enjoy.

- Christmas for me is about Christmas preparations, crafts and decorations. Surely the best time is when the countdown to Christmas begins? I can't get enough and like to decorate my home for Christmas under the idea of "more is more" to make it as welcoming and cosy as possible. I also try to bake a lot and prepare Christmas food. Of course, there will be Christmas chaos, but that’s why it's important to prepare early, says Johanna.

Johanna Berglund @snickargladjen gives tips on DIY Christmas crafts - here Johanna holds Watt & Veke's famous Snöblomma paper christmas star.

Johanna's favourite ornament to decorate the home with for Christmas is the Christmas star Snöblomma from Watt & Veke.



It's not a real Christmas without a Christmas wreath, right? Here, Johanna has decorated a trivet from Ernst with fir branches with small cones on them, creating a beautiful Christmas wreath to hang on the front door and welcome guests. Or why not hang the wreath in places in the home where guests gather to increase the Christmas atmosphere?

- These trivets from Ernst are super nice as they are, but also suitable for decorating for Christmas. Wrap them with a little fir branch and you can see how quickly it becomes a wreath. I used hemp cord, which blends nicely into the wreath, and spun some fir branches in it to create the ultimate Christmas feeling, says Johanna.

You will need:

  • Trivet as a base for the wreath
  • Evergreen branches and branches with cones on them
  • Hemp cord
  • Scissors

How to:

  1. Wrap your fir branches around the wreath
  2. Decorate with small pinecones
  3. Tie everything to the the wreath using durable hemp cord
  4. Voila, you've made a Christmas wreath!

Tip: Trivet or decorative detail? - this wreath can be used for many things! Why not save it for midsummer and make a nice flower wreath out of it or simply place it on the table to protect the surface as you normally would?

Make a Christmas wreath out of Ernst's trivet at Christmas, the perfect simple DIY Christmas craft. Photo: Johanna Berglund @snickargladjen

Making a simple wreath at Christmas is an ideal DIY Christmas craft that the whole family can enjoy.


DIY Christmas crafts do not have to be difficult, it’s all about experimenting with what you already have at home. Here, Johanna has placed the block LED candle from Scandi Essentials with Christmassy flowers and leaves in the Ripple champagne glasses from ferm LIVING – a quick, simple and effective Christmas craft for the Christmas table.

- With cats and children at home, we love to decorate the home with LED candles but to give them a little cosier feeling, I like to decorate them with some evergreen branches or why not add a cinnamon sticks or orange slices? Here I put the candles in these lovely glasses and decorated them with eucalyptus and hydrangea, says Johanna.

You will need:

  • Ripple champagne glass
  • Led candles
  • Hydrangea and Eucalyptus as decoration

How to:

  1. Place an LED light in the glass
  2. Then decorate with dried flowers around the candle

Tip: Decorate the candles with flowers, cinnamon sticks or orange slices, or any decoration that gets you in the Christmas spirit.

Decorate packages and candles with dried Christmas flowers for a perfectly simple DIY Christmas craft. Photo: Johanna Berglund @snickargladjen

Dried Eucalyptus and hydrangea are ideal flowers to decorate your home with at Christmas and add a beautiful touch to your Christmas presents with as Johanna has done here.


Last but certainly not least, this display box from House Doctor is the perfect addition to your Christmas crafts. You get the freedom to decorate it however you want to increase the Christmas feeling in your home and put in what you think reflects Christmas for you.

- I like this box so much as it is so much fun to be able to decorate it according to the season. Now for Christmas I have filled it with hyacinths in waxed paper, some beautiful branches of larch with cones on them, I am so excited to put it in the windowsill. Pour a little water from time to time in the waxed paper so that the hyacinth will last a long time, says Johanna.

You will need:

  • A display box
  • Waxed brown paper
  • Hyacinth and branches with cones on them
  • String
  • Scissors

How to:

  1. Wrap the hyacinths in waxed brown paper
  2. Tie the hyacinth package together with string
  3. Decorate the box with the hyacinths
  4. Place larch branches in the box

Tip: Replace the contents of the box with other items depending on the season!

Decorate the House Doctor display box with Christmas items, the perfect DIY Christmas craft. Photo: Johanna Berglund @snickargladjen

Johanna has filled the display box with attractive branches and cones together with hyacinths to get the Christmas feelings flowing.

Tie waxed brown paper around Christmas hyacinths - it makes a perfect easy DIY Christmas craft. Photo: Johanna Berglund @snickargladjen

Wrap your hyacinths in paper for that little something extra.


- In our family, we have never had traditions regarding how Christmas should be. The most important thing for me is that we meet where everyone feels best for that particular year. The food has always been a priority for us and instead of one person having to cook everything, everyone brings something, which makes for a fun variety.

- As we are a fairly active family, we usually try to have some type of activity outside or inside. On the other hand, we have some traditions before Christmas such as organising a craft day together, baking gingerbread cookies and a day where we go out into the forest and look for a Christmas tree at Mum and Dad's. Christmas for me is about many cosy moments in the lead up to Christmas, Johanna concludes.

Johanna Berglund @snickargladjen advises on making DIY Christmas crafts for adults and children at Christmas as a cozy activity.
Johanna Berglund @snickargladjen advises on making DIY Christmas crafts for adults and children such as a garland at Christmas as a cozy activity.
Decorate the Advent display box from House Doctor with hyacinth, a perfectly simple DIY Christmas craft. Photo: Johanna Berglund @snickargladjen


Photography: Johanna Berglund, @snickargladjen

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