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Shelves & shelving systems

Shelves and shelving solutions are an integral part of how a home is furnished. Style and function meets as shelves offers opportunities to both store items and to put them on display. Find the shelf for you in our extensive collection of shelves and shelving systems from selected brands and designers!
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Soo-Hooked shelf mini - black - Nomess Copenhagen
Nomess Copenhagen
Soo-Hooked shelf mini, black
On backorder
Mini stacked 2.0 shelving, large - midnight blue - Muuto
Mini stacked 2.0 shelving, large, midnight blue
Stocked according to demand
Mini stacked 2.0 clips, 5 pack - midnight blue - Muuto
Mini stacked 2.0 clips, 5 pack, midnight blue
Stocked according to demand
Stacked 2.0 shelving with back plate, small - light grey - Muuto
Stacked 2.0 shelving with back plate, small, light grey
On backorder
Stacked 2.0 clips, 5 pack - midnight blue - Muuto
Stacked 2.0 clips, 5 pack, midnight blue
On backorder
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Put it on a shelf

Shelves are an integral part of the furnishing and storage solutions of every home. The right shelving in a room creates a beautiful storage ensemble. Finding the perfect shelf helps keep the space neat and tidy while creating a snug and organised impression in your living room, bedroom or wherever you need.

Shelves are personal

Everyone has use for shelves, but how we use them is highly individual. Books, photos and decorations, what we put on our shelves can speak volumes about who we are and about our lives we have lived. 

Which shelves & shelving systems are most popular?

Our extensive assortment of shelves and shelving systems includes numerous popular designs by renowned brands like Design House Stockholm, House Doctor and Gejst. We have shelves and shelving systems in all styles ranging from Scandinavian design classics to innovative contemporary designs.

Top 3 shelves & shelving systems

  1. String Pocket by String Furniture
  2. Pythagoras Play shelf by Maze
  3. the Round Dorm shelf by Ferm Living 

The floating shelf

If you have some leftover wall space, you should definitely consider putting up a floating shelf! They do not have to take up a lot of space, but depending on what you put on it and how you decorate, you can make your home feel a lot cosier and lived in. 

How high should you put a floating shelf?

This is all a matter of individual use cases and personal preferences. Putting a shelf higher can for example have the advantage of keeping things out of children's reach.

You can of course also get creative! For example, a floating shelf mounted low on the wall by the entrance of the house can act as a stylish shoe rack 

The shelving system - build it how you want it

Shelving systems are meant to be customized to your desire. Their versatility gives you the option to create the perfect shelf for your particular situation. Whether you have a lot of space to fill up and need a really large shelf, or you need some elegant shelving for a tighter space, shelving systems are the storage solution to your problems!

A great example of a shelf system is Muuto’s Stacked 2.0, which presents you with endless opportunities to create the shelf of your dreams!

What to consider when getting a shelf or shelf system:

How much space do you have for a shelf?

When getting a self or shelving system the most important things to consider is how much space you have for putting up shelves and shelving systems. Take some measurements and consider how big of a shelf you could actually fit in the room.

What will the shelf be used for?

The type of storage functionality you need will of course play a big role when buying a shelf. Make sure to consider the depth of the shelf, as shallow shelves can be great for displaying small decorative items but will not offer much in terms of storage opportunities.

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