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SMD Design is a small Swedish company that manufactures and assembles most of its products by hand in its factory in Småland. With a focus on quality, durability and elborate products, the goal is to enliven rooms through personal expression. With us at Nordic Nest, you will find a wide range of high-quality interior design from SMD Design
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SMD Design – Expressions that Create a Whole

SMD Design creates home decor with a focus on details, crafting well-thought-out products. The company emphasizes small and crucial expressions that contribute to creating a whole. SMD Design produces products such as tables, coffee tables, mirrors, hat racks, and much more. At Nordic Nest, you'll find a wide range of products from SMD Design, ensuring you'll find something that suits you and your decor.

Which products from SMD Design are the most popular?

Among the most popular products from SMD Design, you'll find, for example:

SMD Design – A Small Company

SMD Design is a small company from Småland, Sweden. Unlike many other companies, their dream isn't to become large but to be big enough to realize their ideas. SMD Design works with carefully selected designers who share their view that small details make the whole.

Goals and Purpose of SMD Design

SMD Design's products are not mass-produced; most are handcrafted and assembled in their factory in Reftele, Småland. When this isn't possible, they collaborate with local companies. With a focus on form, function, and sustainability, the company considers the environment important. SMD Design wants their products to be personal expressions and to enliven rooms. In other words, they aim to create small and crucial expressions that make a whole.

What Does SMD Design Stand For?

SMD Design stands for "Small Design," which isn't about format or size but rather reflects how the company views life. SMD Design believes their products shouldn't be found in every room of a home but rather serve as accessories that enhance the overall look, for example, in homes, offices, hotels, indoors, or outdoors.

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