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Pilke is known for their high-quality lamps and sustainable design made locally in southern Finland. Their lighting is characterised by traditional Finnish handcraft combined with geometric shapes, created with modern technology. Here you will find a selection of ceiling lights, pendants, table lamps and more from Pilke.
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Pilke – sustainable wood design lamps

Pilke is known for their high-quality sustainable lighting made locally in the south of Finland. Lampsand lighting from Pilke are a small piece of Nordic nature, carefully created by skilled craftsmen with sustainable beauty.

Pilke’s goal is to create a sense of well-being through enchanting lighting. With its characteristic design, lamps from Pilke are eye-catching in any room, and create special atmospheres both in larger public rooms as well as small intimate spaces. Explore Pilke’s large range of lamps and lighting here at Nordic Nest.

Which designs by Pilke are the most popular?

Pilke design a number of popular lamps that give any room in your home enchanting light. Here you can find, among other things, their beautiful and popular pendant lamps, ceiling lamps, wall lights and more, which all have the characteristic geometric design that Pilke is known for.

What does Pilke mean in Finnish?

"Pilke" is a Finnish word meaning "twinkle in the eye", which fits perfectly with a brand that designs and produces lamps and lighting with a characteristic and striking design.

Lighting inspired by the Finnish landscape

The story of Pilke begins in the deep Finnish forests, where Birches, oaks and ash trees inspire their design. Through their design, the Finnish brand wants to create beautiful and intelligent ‘Nordic Lightfullness’.

Where does Pilke source their wood for the lamps?

The wood which is used to manufacture Pilke lighting is FSC®-certified and comes from Finland, where the lamps are also produced.

What characterises Pilke lighting design?

Lamps and lighting by Pilke have a very characteristic design which can be recognised by geometric shapes that direct the light in a unique way. Their lamps are produced through a combination of Finnish craftmanship of the highest quality and state-of-the-art computer geometry. Let yourself be fascinated and inspired by Pilke’s beautiful lamps here at Nordic Nest.

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