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Muubs create authentic and innovative designs inspired by their love of Nordic nature. Here you will find exciting flowerpots, vases, tableware and other interior items from the Danish brand Muubs.
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Camou doorstopper 3 kg - Camel - MUUBS
Camou doorstopper 3 kg, Camel
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Camou placemat 35x45 cm - Camel - MUUBS
Camou placemat 35x45 cm, Camel
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Muubs – innovative and authentic Danish design

Muubs is a Danish brand that creates exciting and innovative designs that are constantly pushing boundaries. Muub’s designs create contrasts and make us use our imagination. Their focus on timeless design and real craftmanship means that their products are created to last a long time, and which will add to the home both soul and a dose of roughness, which Muub calls beauty in the imperfect. Here you will find Muub’s exciting range of designs and home accessories that will help you create a personal and unique home.

Which designs from Muubs are the most popular?

In Muub’s large assortment you can find everything you need to create a beautiful and personal home. Their love of Nordic nature and natural materials means that their design has a rustic and organic feel. With its simple design language, it is easy to combine interiors from Muubs in styles that are both minimalist and more rustic. Here you can find everything from flowerpots and candle holders to dinner plates, bowls and trays.

Top 3 most popular collections from Muubs

  • Echo
  • Hazel
  • Mame

What is Muub’s design philosophy?

Muub’s designs are inspired by their love of Nordic nature, which is reflected in their choice of materials. The range consists of shelves, plates and stools and other interior products that are often made of beautiful natural materials such as wood and leather.

Muubs create original and timeless designs, which are also functional. Once of their main characteristics is authentic and genuine craftsmanship, and they want to move away from mass production. Their range consists of products that tell their own unique story.

Beautiful flowerpots by Muubs

Among the most popular products that Muubs has created are their flowerpots, such as Echo, Hanja and Koji. Several of the flowerpots in their assortment are handmade, which means that each product is unique. Other collections also have production methods that allow the flowerpots to have individual colour differences and shades, which makes each product different. While all the flowerpots have a rustic feel, there is still great variation in the design language. Here you can find flowerpots with both simple, minimal design language and also flowerpots that are more sculptural.

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