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Welcome to Meraki’s world of lifestyle and skin care. Here you will find scented candles, soaps and other lifestyle products made with natural ingredients, along with their beautiful interior details.
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Barbarum towel - 100x180 cm - Meraki
Barbarum towel, 100x180 cm
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Barbarum towel 2-pack - 50x100 cm - Meraki
Barbarum towel 2-pack, 50x100 cm
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Meraki - Soap & lifestyle

With love for nature’s treasury, the Danish brand Meraki produces scented candles, soaps and other lifestyle products with clean, Scandinavian aesthetic. Meraki soap is what has given the brand renown, with natural ingredients and great scents. But Merakis assortment is not limited to skincare, scented candle and diffusers. In their range you will also find a selection of beautiful interior details and bathroom accessories.

Which are the most popular Meraki products?

Meraki’s product assortment includes several products that have become widely popular. Their soaps have gained popularity not only for their natural ingredients and their wonderful scent, but also for their beautiful packaging as well. Along with their skin care and lifestyle products you will also find their beautiful home accessories.

Top 3 products by Meraki

  1. Meraki hand soap 490 ml
  2. Meraki soap holder
  3. Meraki diffusers

Meraki Soap

Meraki soap, produced using natural ingredients, is what the Meraki brand is known for. They beautiful label and packaging design of their soap has also become a staple of the brand. Meraki soaps as well as their candles are a wonderful addition to any home and with the products beautiful design they double up as interior decoration for both kitchen and bathroom. All products are delivered in beautifully designed packaging.

Meraki uses natural ingredients

All Meraki products are developed in Denmark and are designed with a simple principle in mind. Meraki works on creating clean, mild products by using natural ingredients. Meraki products are free from parabens, colorants and endocrine disrupting substances. They are created using only mild preservatives, with natural perfume in the form of essential oils and basic oils of high quality to create an all vegan skin care range.

Meraki home accessories

Along with the Meraki soap and scented candles you will find a few interior details in their assortment of beautiful and soothing lifestyle products. Home accessories such as mirrors, storage jars and trays are some of the beautiful products they offer, that you can decorate with for a calm and atmospheric home.

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