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Mateus brings together traditional Portuguese craftmanship and Swedish design to create beautiful and lively ceramic tableware for both everyday life and special events. Here you will find a range of colourful Mateus ceramics online for the perfect addition to your home.
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Mateus ceramics – add colour to your everyday life

Mateus fuses traditional Portuguese design craftmanship, Swedish design and modern-day fashion trends to create high quality ceramic such as tableware bowls, plates, cups and jugs. Their designs come in a range of colours so you can create a happy and lively welcoming on the table for your guests.

Who founded Mateus?

Mateus was founded in 1993 by Teresa Mateus Lundahl. The goal was to fuse the Swedish and Portuguese culture that both characterised her, by creating colourful tableware for a beautiful and welcoming table setting where both family and friends can meet.

In 2014, Teresa’s daughter, Filippa, started working at the company and today the brand is run by the mother-daughter duo. With the Mateus brand, they want to convey warmth and joy of life to your home and table setting.

Handmade Mateus ceramics

Ceramics from Mateus are handmade using fine-grained clay and hand-painted by skilled craftsmen in Portugal. Today, Mateus products are still made in the same factory as when it first was founded in 1993.

Since the tableware is handmade, there may be small differences from one product to another, which makes each item completely unique.

How does Mateus work with the environment and sustainability?

Mateus is concerned with actively working to create products in a sustainable way that takes both humans and nature into consideration.

Firstly, the ceramics are made of clay, which is both a natural and durable material. The clay is sourced locally in central and northern parts of Portugal and does not contain any toxic heavy metals such as lead or cadmium. Only pure water is added to the clay which is cleaned at the factory’s own treatment plant.

In addition, broken products and excess clay from production are crushed into a powder that can then be reused in the construction industry.

In order to ensure that they maintain a high standard, the working environment at the production site is checked regularly.

Create beautiful combinations with Mateus collections

Mateus makes it easy to combine different colours and series so you can create beautiful and personal table settings for both everyday use as well as special occasions.

All new products are designed to work together with the existing collections, making it easy to create your own favourite combinations.

Bubble from Mateus – iconic dishes and plates

One of Mateus’s most popular series is Bubbles, which is characterised by its playful bubbly patterns. This series includes a range of products from serving platters and dinner plates to coffee cups, which are perfect for creating a unique and special table setting.

Are Mateus ceramics dishwasher and microwave safe?

Yes, Mateus ceramics can be washed in the dishwasher and they are also safe to use in the microwave.

How to care for your Mateus ceramic tableware

As the ceramics are fired at high temperatures, they are therefore extra hard and durable. Nevertheless, it is important that you take good care of your Mateus tableware to best extend their life.

Scratches may occur if you scrape the dishes against each other, for example, when stacking the dishes on top of each other, therefore, it is advisable to be careful when stacking the tableware.

To avoid the tableware from discolouring, rinse off any food directly after use.

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