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Louis Poulsen

The Danish lighting manufacturer Louis Poulsen, renowned for their their innovative and beautiful lighting solutions, has over 100 years of experience of lighting design. At Nordic Nest you will find their many famous lighting collections of the highest quality and elegance.
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NJP table lamp - White - Louis Poulsen
Louis Poulsen
NJP table lamp, White
Stocked according to demand
AJ wall lamp - Black - Louis Poulsen
Louis Poulsen
AJ wall lamp, Black
On backorder
PH 2/1 wall lamp - Chromed high gloss - Louis Poulsen
Louis Poulsen
PH 2/1 wall lamp, Chromed high gloss
In stock
AJ floor lamp - Midnight blue - Louis Poulsen
Louis Poulsen
AJ floor lamp, Midnight blue
Only a few left
LC Shutters pendant lamp Ø44 cm - White - Louis Poulsen
Louis Poulsen
LC Shutters pendant lamp Ø44 cm, White
In stock
Collage pendant lamp Ø45 cm - White - Louis Poulsen
Louis Poulsen
Collage pendant lamp Ø45 cm, White
In stock
AJ wall lamp - Light petroleum - Louis Poulsen
Louis Poulsen
AJ wall lamp, Light petroleum
Only a few left
Toldbod 220 pendant lamp - White opal glass - Louis Poulsen
Louis Poulsen
Toldbod 220 pendant lamp, White opal glass
Only a few left
AJ wall lamp - Original grey Special Edt - Louis Poulsen
Louis Poulsen
AJ wall lamp, Original grey Special Edt
In stock
AJ wall lamp - Rust-red - Louis Poulsen
Louis Poulsen
AJ wall lamp, Rust-red
In stock
AJ wall lamp - Dark grey - Louis Poulsen
Louis Poulsen
AJ wall lamp, Dark grey
In stock
VL38 wall lamp - Black - Louis Poulsen
Louis Poulsen
VL38 wall lamp, Black
In stock
AJ wall lamp - Light grey - Louis Poulsen
Louis Poulsen
AJ wall lamp, Light grey
In stock
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Louis Poulsen lighting

Louis Poulsen is a Danish designer brand and a renowned manufacturer of exclusive lamps. Louis Poulsen works closely with designers and architects in order to create their daring yet elegant lamp designs. For Louis Poulsen it is important that form is second to function, yet their designs are always strikingly beautiful.

Which are Louis Poulsen’s most famous collections?

Louis Poulsen has produced numerous series of exquisitely designed lamps over the years, and some of these have become true staples of great lighting design. Some of these include the the renowned PH 5 and AJ collections, as designed by Poul Henningsen and Arne Jacobsen respectively. The Panthella collection designed by Verner Panton is yet another series of groundbreaking design that has stood the test of time.

Top 3 most popular Louis Poulsen lighting collections

  1. PH 5
  2. PH Atrichoke
  3. Panthella

Louis Poulsen collaborations with designers

Brilliant lighting design does not come out of thin air. That’s why Louis Poulsen works closely with all types of designers, architects and engineers in order to create truly remarkable design that you want to brighten up your home with. It is in the collaboration with these designers that Louis Poulsen creates their atmosphere shaping products. 

Louis Poulsen most famous collaborations

Throughout Louis Poulsen’s years of lighting design, they have collaborated with many talented artists. Big names such as Arne Jacobsen, Verner Panton and Anu Moser have all worked in collaboration with Louis Poulsen to create lighting solutions of function and beauty. 

Why you should get a Louis Poulsen lamp:

  • Great lighting for creating a pleasant atmosphere
  • Elegant shapes and forms
  • High quality materials and production methods
  • Timeless designs that never go out of fashion
  • Wide range of lamps for all situations

Louis Poulsen’s design philosophy

Louis Poulsen has worked with with lighting design for over 100 years, and the principals of Louis Poulsen’s lighting and design practices can be traced back to Poul Henningsen. 

Form follows function

Inspired by the will to brighten up the darkness of the long nights of Scandinavian winter with the luminescence of summer, Louis Poulsen has always strived not to design lighting solutions, but to shape light in order to create beautiful atmospheres. For Louis Poulsen, the form of the lamp is secondary to the light it emits along with the mood it creates. Simply put, form follows function.

Where is it suitable to hang a Louis Poulsen pendant light?

Where to hang pendant lamp depends on quite a lot of things, but it all comes down to a matter of taste and function. A larger PH Artichoke pendant look great over the a wide bed, but this requires ceiling height. And a PH 5 looks great hanging low over your dinner table, spreading a pleasant light throughout the room while adding a beautiful visual element. But watch out for hanging it to low, as depending on your table you might have to develop the habit of watching your head when you get out of your chair. 

Pendant lights are great for living rooms, but can be hung wherever you find suitable. Just make sure to consider the height of the lamp and plan how high you should hang it. 

The history of Louis Poulsen

Louis Poulsen was founded in 1874, and with their many years of experience they know how to design lighting for function, while still perfecting form. The first major breakthrough for Louis Poulsen came with Paris, a lamp designed by the danish architect Poul Henningsen in 1924. The PH 5 Series of lamps was later developed by Louis Poulsen in his honour. Other true design classics followed, such as the AJ collection by Arne Jacobsen, and the moser series by Anu Moser.

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