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NO. 2 Green Gardenia scented candle - 94 g - Illume x Bloomingville
NO. 2 Green Gardenia scented candle - 94 g - Illume x Bloomingville

NO. 2 Green Gardenia scented candle

Variant: 94 g
94 g
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The NO. 2 Green Gardenia scented candle from Illume x Bloomingville has a flowery and feminine scent. The scents include top, key and base notes, just like those of a perfume. When you light the NO. 2 Green Gardenia candle, the first thing you experience are scents of bergamot, heliotrope and sea. The classic flowery scent is then complemented by white flowers and rich, resinous forests. Beautiful sandalwood and tonka bean, with its vanilla-like scent, complement and round off the scent.

Scent profile: flowers.

Scent notes:
Top notes: Bergamot, heliotrope, sea.
Key notes: jasmine, white flowers, hyacinth, ylang ylang.
Base notes: labdanum, benzoin, tonka bean, sandalwood, musk.


  • BrandIllume x Bloomingville
  • Item number47005-03
  • Quantity1 pcs
  • Material compositionSoy wax, cotton, iron
  • Diameter (cm)8
  • Height (cm)5
  • Care instructionsWhen lighting the scented candle, it is important to allow about one to two hours of burning time. Make sure that the wax has melted completely over the surface, from edge to edge in the container. Do this to avoid a pit forming in the center of the light. Cut the wick to a height of 5-10 mm before lighting the candle. If the wick is too long, it may drop soot or risk being exposed to drafts.
  • Good to knowKeep out of reach of children.
    Place on heat resistant surface.
    Do not place the candle in a draft or near flammable materials
  • Burn time (hours)25


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