Inspired by architecture and the world of fashion, HAY creates functional and aesthetic design products for modern living. Discover interior design and home accessories that are the result of collaborations with popular designers along with new takes on classic design.

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HAY - Interior design for the modern home

The Danish brand HAY was established in 2002 with the vision of creating modern furniture through sophisticated industrial processes to meet the needs of the modern home. Since then HAY has become an international interior design phenomenon, with trend-setting designs inspired by both architecture and the world of fashion. To this day HAY’s mission is to make sustainable, high-quality furniture accessible to the world.

Which are the most popular HAY products?

In the HAY assortment you will find lots of interior design details and decorations of many different kinds. Their popular storage solutions and everyday designs makes your home and your life a little easier and more beautiful. Here you will find their popular home accessories, such as their vases, storage crates, hand towels and so much more. 

Top 3 most popular HAY products

  1. HAY Shortwave dish rack
  2. HAY Colour Crate M 30x40 cm
  3. HAY Splash Round vase L 27 cm

HAY’s design collaborations

HAY believes that collaboration is the key to finding creative solutions and achieving the best results. This is why HAY has a number of ongoing collaborations with several designers internationally. These designers all contribute with knowledge, experience and innovative, new ideas that help HAY maintain its status as an international interior design icon.

How does HAY work with issues of sustainability?

Having a sustainability mindset and applying it throughout the entire process of product production, from initial sketches to manufacturing, and even shipping is something that HAY values highly. By collaborating only with carefully selected partners, HAY can ensure that production meets their high standards, both in terms of product quality, working conditions and environmental impact. This also ensures that their products are crafted using high-quality materials. The majority of the furniture produced by Hay is tested by the Danish Technological Institute in order to ensure that they meet their set standards.

Hay strives to achieve a balance between:

  • Healthy working conditions
  • Social responsibility
  • Sustainable production

As part of their efforts, HAY aims to only work with ISO-certified partners.

HAY’s sustainable product cycle

Through the use of sustainable materials and well thought out designs, HAY produces products that can be recycled or used to produce new, clean energy. 

Where are HAY products made?

Most of the production of HAY products takes place in Europe. This makes it easier for HAY to maintain the close partnerships they like to have, with regular inspections that ensure that HAY’s standards are met. 

HAY uses FSC-certified wood

The majority of the wooden products produced by HAY are made using FSC-certified wood. FSC, which stands for Forest Stewardship Council, is an organisation that works for environmentally friendly, socially beneficial, and overall sustainable forestry.

The FSC-certification guarantees that the raw material is produced through traceable and responsible forestry. This means that both local laws are followed and that the FSC standards set to protect both environment and wildlife are met.

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