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Eva Solo

Aesthetic, functional and qualitative. Eva Solo creates everyday designs that makes day to day tasks a joy and enriches your everyday life. Find Eva Solo’s assortment of kitchen utensils, kitchen supplies and home accessories here at Nordic Nest!
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Scandinavian kitchen design by Eva Solo

The Danish brand Eva Solo creates exclusive everyday design objects that seamlessly combine aesthetics, function and quality in the best possible way. The product designs are not only beautiful to look at but are a treat to use – a combination of design and functionality that Eva Solo has consistently offered for over 100 years.

Eva Solo - Kitchen & home accessories

The Eva Solo brand is renowned for their high-quality kitchen supplies. Their pots and pans, kitchen utensils and knives make it a joy for anyone be in the kitchen. But the width of their product assortment does not stop there. They are also known for their beautiful soap dispensers, water bottles and lamps. Their products are both beautiful and functional, and  their assortment of products cover every use case you could imagine.

Which are the most popular Eva Solo collections?

Eva solo has released many popular collections since their founding in 1913. Here at Nordic Nest you will find everything from beloved kitchen supply series such as the Eva Trio Black Line collection to Eva Solo SunLight, their popular series of solar cell lamps.

Top 3 Collections by Eva Solo

  1. Eva Solo Legio Nova
  2. Nordic Kitchen
  3. Eva Trio

Are Eva Solo wine glasses & drinking glasses dishwasher safe?

Yes, all Eva Solo glasses are safe to wash in the dishwasher. However, you should do so on a wash program for glasses with lower temperatures. 

Do not leave your glasses in your dishwasher after the wash program has finished, as the humidity inside the dishwasher can cause deterioration.

Why do my Eva Solo glasses get cloudy after dishwashing?

If your Eva Solo drinking glasses look cloudy after being washed in the dishwasher, it could be because too much detergent has been used. The coating can be removed by placing the glasses in hot water with acetic acid. Alternatively, you can also put some citric acid in the dishwasher and rinse the glasses again at the highest temperature.

How to remove black marks from your Eva Solo porcelain:

Stainless steel cutlery can leave ugly black marks on your tableware. By rubbing your porcelain with some ceramic hob cleaning agent or steel polish on a cloth, you should be able to remove these black marks and streaks.

Eva Solo’s design philosophy

You could say that Eva Solo designs are synonymous with the modern home’s evolution, which is why the look and feel of the designs today is rather different from the ones of the past. However, the aim to produce products of high quality, fine design and thought-through function is ever-present. Eva Solo evolves with the people’s needs and has through the years launched a number of ingenious products to solve everyday problems in your kithcen and all over your home.

Sustainable kitchen design - The Green Tool series by Eva Solo

The Green Tools series of kitchen products is designed for environmentally conscious gourmets and cooking enthusiasts. This wonderful series of kitchen utensils includes herb grinder, citrus press and a beautiful set of knives, amongst other products. If you love cooking and care for the environment this series of products is a must have for your kitchen!

The history of Eva Solo

Eva Solo was founded as a family business in 1913 with the vision to create functional home design and kitchenware. Eva Solo was very popular with the housewives of the time and had its big breakthrough in 1952 with the launch of a slicing-machine for bread, ham and cheese. It was the first of many Eva Solo classics to come.

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