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Ice buckets

Serve your drinks ice cold with a designer ice bucket and tongs. In our assortment, you will be able to find a large selection of stylish ice buckets that will be an elegant detail for any event. Choose from the most popular brands and designers including Georg Jensen, Design Letters and Eva Solo.
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AJ cylinda-line ice bucket 2.5 l - Stainless steel - Stelton
AJ cylinda-line ice bucket 2.5 l, Stainless steel
Only a few left
AJ cylinda-line ice bucket 1 l - Stainless steel - Stelton
AJ cylinda-line ice bucket 1 l, Stainless steel
On backorder
Pineapple ice bucket - 24 cm - Bloomingville
Pineapple ice bucket, 24 cm
Only a few left
Rocks ice bucket with pliers - smooth - Zone Denmark
Zone Denmark
Rocks ice bucket with pliers, smooth
In stock
Ask ice bucket 17 cm - Black - House Doctor
House Doctor
Ask ice bucket 17 cm, Black
Only a few left
Wine ice bucket with tongs - 21 cm - Georg Jensen
Georg Jensen
Wine ice bucket with tongs, 21 cm
Only a few left
Manhattan ice bucket and tongs - stainless steel - Georg Jensen
Georg Jensen
Manhattan ice bucket and tongs, stainless steel
On backorder
Alza ice bucket - white marble - ferm LIVING
Alza ice bucket, white marble
Stocked according to demand
Grand Cru ice bucket - Rostfritt steel - Rosendahl
Grand Cru ice bucket, Rostfritt steel
Stocked according to demand
Design Letters ice bucket - 19.5 cm - Design Letters
Design Letters
Design Letters ice bucket, 19.5 cm
Stocked according to demand
Ice pliers 17 cm - Stainless steel - House Doctor
House Doctor
Ice pliers 17 cm, Stainless steel
In stock
City ice bucket - Clear - Orrefors
City ice bucket, Clear
On backorder
Noblesse ice bucket - Clear - Nachtmann
Noblesse ice bucket, Clear
On backorder
Lazy Days ice bucket Ø23 cm - White - Lexington
Lazy Days ice bucket Ø23 cm, White
In stock

Ice buckets – a practical and stylish bar accessory

Ice buckets are not only practical, making sure that your drinks stay cold, but a designer ice cube bucket can also be a stylish addition to your home bar and add a touch of luxury to any event or occasion. Our range of bar accessories include a large selection of ice drink buckets in a range of styles by highly appreciated designers.

Which ice buckets are the most popular?

A good quality ice bucket is an essential part of any barware. Here you will find a wide variety of ice buckets for your bar at home from well-known designers that are both long lasting and stylish.

Top three most popular ice bucket brands

An ice bucket to match your home bar interiors

Our assortment includes a range of drinks ice buckets in different styles and materials so you can buy a designer ice bucket that perfectly matches your interiors.

Not only can a well-designed ice bucket amplify the look of your home bar decor, but they can also make stunning centrepieces for the dining room table for a classy dinner party.

Without a doubt, they will serve as an elegant home detail whether they are in use or displayed on your bar countertop as a designer item until your next event.

Insulated ice buckets in high-quality materials

Ice buckets come in a range of materials including stainless steel, brass, marble and glass.

Stainless steel is the most common choice of material for an ice bucket because of its insulating properties and durability.

A clear ice bucket in glass or crystal is a classic and timeless choice and will be sure to add a touch of elegance to any occasion.

Choose an ice bucket in marble as a luxurious detail to your home bar interior. As marble is a natural material, each ice bucket slightly differs in its appearance, making your ice bucket completely unique.

An ice bucket with a lid – keep it cool

To keep your drinks cool throughout the evening, an ice bucket with a lid is a practical option and will save you from having to run to the freezer to refill the ice. Here you can choose from a number of designer home ice buckets with lids by exclusive brands.

Matching ice buckets and tongs

Choose an ice bucket with tongs in a matching style for a professional look for your home bar. Our range of drink and bar accessories include practical ice bucket tongs in functional designs that make it easy to catch slippery ice cubes.

Ice buckets for small and large occasions

Ice buckets can be used to keep your drinks cool for both small intimate gatherings to large events like wedding or birthday parties.

Here you can find a variety of sizes from small to large ice buckets, so whether you will be serving a single bottle of champagne or dozens of beers, you can be sure that your drinks will be kept cold throughout the evening.

A designer ice bucket – the perfect gift for the one who enjoys a drink

For a thoughtful present, designer ice buckets can be an excellent choice for a friend or family member with a home bar.

Why not gift a retro ice bucket design in an interesting design? We recommend Culinary Concepts for a range of stylish barware including ice buckets, wine coolers and bottle openers that will be real eye-catchers at every cocktail party. For more tips on presents, see our gift ideas!

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