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Starter cutlery can set the standard of quality for the rest of the dinner. Choose a starter cutlery set or individual pieces that offer the experience, Scandinavian quality and design that you desire.
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Appetizer Utensils for Starters and Light Meals

Appetizer utensils are smaller than the classic dining utensils and are therefore suited for both appetizers during festive dinners and for a light meal in everyday life.

During the appetizer of a three-course dinner, a pair of beautiful appetizer utensils enhance the evening as you enjoy your Västerbotten cheese pie in the bubbly company. Thanks to the appetizer utensils being small and neat in form, they match well with both smaller dishes and with smaller plates and saucers on which the food is served.

Appetizer utensils are designed for a smaller meal. If dessert is served at the end of the dinner, a pair of matching dessert utensils is better suited for the sweets.

Which Appetizer Utensils Should You Have?

When choosing appetizer utensils, there are many beautiful utensils to choose from. Normally, appetizer utensils are used for more festive occasions where multiple courses are served, but they are just as suitable for everyday use. Appetizer utensils can, for example, be ideally used as serving utensils to pick up a piece of herring from the jar or to spread soft cheese on crackers.

Choose appetizer utensils according to your personal style and taste. For example, a pair of gold utensils is a nice detail on a romantically set wooden table with white porcelain and a vase with pink roses.

A pair of classic silver appetizer utensils, for example, are beautiful on a table in muted colors, with a gray tablecloth, white napkins, and glass plates. The choice is, of course, entirely up to you.

Popular Appetizer Utensils

Some of the most popular appetizer utensils come from the following brands that are leaders in cutlery.

Different Designs of Appetizer Utensils

Appetizer utensils come in a variety of designs. Whether you want a bit of luxury in everyday life or to set the table for a real feast, maybe with the appetizer utensils from the Nobel series, which are the same utensils used during the Nobel dinner, there is a design that will surely suit you. The design of the appetizer utensils fulfills different functions and is adapted for various uses.

How to Set the Table with Appetizer Utensils?

When setting the table, you place the utensils from the outside in, in the order you eat the different courses. The appetizer utensils are placed furthest out since the appetizer is the first course served, while the dining utensils are placed closer to the plate. Forks are placed on the left side of the plate and knives on the right.

If the appetizer is eaten with a spoon, the appetizer spoon is placed furthest out on the right side of the plate. On the other hand, the dessert spoon is placed at the top edge of the plate.

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