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Salad bowls

Serve fresh green salads, snacks or fruit salad in a beautiful salad bowl in your favourite design. Here you will be able to choose from a wide selection of small and large salad serving bowls in a range of shapes, colours and materials making it easy to choose one that perfectly matches your style.
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Basic bowl 2 l - Green - Mateus
Basic bowl 2 l, Green
Stocked according to demand
Basic bowl 2 l - Orange - Mateus
Basic bowl 2 l, Orange
Stocked according to demand
Basic bowl 2 l - Light blue - Mateus
Basic bowl 2 l, Light blue
Stocked according to demand
Basic bowl 2 l - Turquoise - Mateus
Basic bowl 2 l, Turquoise
Stocked according to demand
Sablo sallad bowl Ø28 cm - Sand - blomus
Sablo sallad bowl Ø28 cm, Sand
Only a few left
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Beautiful salad bowls for fresh salads

Serve a delicious fresh salad in a stylish salad bowl or lay out a large bowl of snacks for a casual gathering with friends. Here you will be able to choose from a large assortment of designer salad bowls in a variety of colours, styles and materials so you can find your favourite!

What brands are most popular for salad bowls?

In our assortment of products, you will be able to find a variety of small and large salad bowls by some of the most popular brands.

Top 3 brands for salad bowls

Stylish salad bowls for all occasions

Whether you are looking for a fruit salad bowl for the breakfast table or a deep salad bowl to complement a fancy dinner, we offer a large range of small and big salad bowls in a range of designs to perfectly match the occasion.

Matching salad bowl with salad servers

A beautiful set of salad servers in a matching design can be the perfect complement to your salad bowl and can help you to create a uniform look on your table. Choose a salad bowl and servers from your favourite collection by one of our popular brands.

Salad bowls with lids

Salad bowls with lids are perfect for sealing any salad leftovers to store away in the fridge. They are also a convenient option for taking salads along to lunches with friends or for carrying in a picnic bag.

Wooden salad bowls for a rustic look

A wooden salad bowl will give your table setting a soft and natural expression and are the perfect choice for those who prefer a rustic style. We recommend the large wooden salad bowls by the Danish brand MUUBS. Each salad serving bowl is hand-made which gives it a completely unique appearance and makes it a lovely personal detail in your home.

Glass salad bowls in classic designs

A glass salad bowl is an elegant choice and will give your table setting a little extra shine. It can also be used to add a burst of colour to your table setting when filled with a vibrant and fresh salad.

Ceramic salad bowls in all colours

Ceramic is a durable material that can come in a range of colours and decorated with both patterns and textures. Here you can find a variety of beautiful salad bowls in ceramic by popular brands such as Mateus and Blomus.

Stainless steel salad bowls

Stainless steel is a classic material that gives your table and elegant shine and fits perfectly if your cutlery is made from stainless steel.

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