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Bowls & serving dishes

Make your food a feast for the eyes by serving it in beautiful bowls and serving dishes. In our extensive assortment of tableware items you will find many popular serving dish and bowl designs by selected brands and designers.
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Teema serving bowl 3.4 l - Honey (yellow) - Iittala
Teema serving bowl 3.4 l, Honey (yellow)
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Teema serving bowl 3.4 l - Linen - Iittala
Teema serving bowl 3.4 l, Linen
On backorder
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Bowls & serving dishes for all occasions

Are great for creating a beautiful table setting. When you have spent time preparing a meal, you of course also want it to look beautiful. Serving your food on serving dishes and bowls makes it easier to have your food look even better. By an entirely new set or complete your collection with bowls and serving dishes from our extensive assortment of tableware items.

Which are the most popular bowls & serving dishes?

Our assortment wide assortment of tableware includes countless both beautiful and popular Serving platters & dishes and serving dishes by numerous renowned designers, such as Rörstrand, famous for their many popular collections like Mon Amie and Swedish Grace, the Danish brand Broste Copenhagen and of course also the highly acclaimed Iittala.

Top 3 bowls & serving dishes

  1. 24h Tuokio bowl by Arabia
  2. Rustic bowl by House Doctor
  3. Räsymatto bowl by Marimekko

Different types of bowls and serving dishes:

Cereal bowls or breakfast bowls are, as the name implies, dishes made for eating breakfast. They are often quite deep, which makes them perfect for enjoying some cereal or muesli.

Salad bowls are wider bowls that are typically quite spacious, perfect for serving a fresh salad.

Dessert bowls are usually quite small, and not seldom do they feature a footed design. They are the perfect size for a serving of dessert after a nice meal.

When you have gone through the effort of cooking, serving the food on a nice food platter is an easy way of making the meal look elegant. Serving platters are great for impressing at dinner parties, but also for making every day meals look even more scrumptious! 

Serving bowls function much like serving platters, but for foods that are not suited for serving in flat dishes.

Fruit bowls are like other serving dishes, but these can often be quite bold in design, as they are meant to be on permanent display.

Serving your soup in a soup tureen will make your dinner setting more beautiful and elegant while the lid of the soup tureen helps keep the soup warm for longer!

Cake dishes and cake stands are the perfect way to display and serve a beautiful cake! They are often footed, and some designs even feature several layers for serving cookies and pastries.

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