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Christmas tree stands

Besides the important function of supporting a beautifully decorated tree, a designer Christmas tree stand can be an attractive detail that will complete the Christmas look. Our assortment includes a variety of Christmas tree bases that will perfectly complement your tree.

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Ferm Living Christmas tree base - brass - Ferm Living
Ferm Living
Ferm Living Christmas tree base, brass
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Ferm Living Christmas tree base - grey - Ferm Living
Ferm Living
Ferm Living Christmas tree base, grey
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Ferm Living Christmas tree base - black - Ferm Living
Ferm Living
Ferm Living Christmas tree base, black
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Xmas tree holder - black - Born In Sweden
Born In Sweden
Xmas tree holder, black
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Xmas tree holder - white - Born In Sweden
Born In Sweden
Xmas tree holder, white
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Designer Christmas tree stands to complement your tree

A Christmas tree stand in a stylish design is the perfect complement to a beautifully decorated Christmas tree. Here you will be able to choose from real Christmas tree stands in both traditional and modern designs so you can find the perfect one for your home and tree.

Christmas tree stands – practical and stylish

A stylish Christmas tree stand is not only a decorative detail that contributes significantly to your Christmas decoration, but it also ensures that your Christmas tree stands straight and receives enough water, so you can enjoy it throughout the festive season.
In our assortment, you will be able to find a wide variety of Christmas tree holders in different sizes and styles, all in top quality!

Which Christmas tree stands are the most popular?

Here at Nordic Nest, you will find a large selection of the best Christmas tree stands from some of the most popular brands.

Top 3 brands for Christmas tree holders:

Christmas tree bases for large and small trees

The size of your Christmas tree holder stand will depend on how big your Christmas tree will be. Consider where you would like to place the tree in your home and how it would look in the space. Make sure to think about the ceiling height in your home too, as that can be an important factor when deciding upon your Christmas tree height.

An extra tall Christmas tree will have a have a thicker trunk and therefore will need a larger Christmas tree base. It is important that the Christmas tree holder is large enough to keep the tree stable so that it does not risk tipping over.

Functional Christmas tree stands for a sturdy tree

Christmas tree holders should first and foremost be functional. They should make sure that the Christmas tree is straight and sturdy throughout the festive season and should also have enough space for your tree to receive water. Aluminium and metal Christmas tree stands are a popular choice due to their strength and durability.

In our assortment, you will find tip-proof Christmas tree stands in practical designs that will keep your Christmas tree supported year after year.

Fitting your Christmas tree into the stand

Real Christmas tree holders have different fastening techniques and it is always important to refer to the supplier’s instructions before fixing it to the stand.

The most common form of fastening the tree to the Christmas tree base, consists of bolts which are screwed into the tree trunk, fixing it upright and in place.

Create space around the Christmas tree base

Make sure to remove the lower branches of your Christmas tree so that you have room to place the presents. This also makes it easier to access the Christmas tree holder so that you can comfortably water it throughout the Christmas season.

Care tips for your Christmas tree holder

With the right care, Christmas tree stands can last year after year. We recommend following these care instructions to keep your Christmas tree base in good condition:

  • After taking down your Christmas tree, make sure to clean it well to ensure that dirt does not stick to it otherwise unsightly water stains can develop.
  • Lubricate the Christmas tree stand screws before storing it away, so that they will be easy to set up again the following year.

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